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Julia Kiernan
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Research Interests:
rhetoric of food science, transcultralism, translingualism


Julia Kiernan’s research is intimately tied to her teaching experiences, and is seated in action research. She strives to create learning environments where students become practiced in reading and writing texts as globalized documents. Focusing on transcultural and translingual expectations and the rhetoric surrounding these expectations requires students to recognize the globalization of audience, and to consider the range of cultures and languages that their writing must be able to engage with. Focusing on cultural and linguistic practices—as well as the rhetorics surrounding these practices—creates spaces for students to recognize their own individualities as well as those of their peers, fostering meaningful relationships and new ways for students to engage in academic work.

Representative Work

Kiernan, Julia. ?Translation Narratives: Engaging Second Language Learners in Translingual Writing Practices.? Academic Biliteracies: Translanguaging and Multilingual Repertoires in Higher Education SettingsEds. David M. Palfreyman and Christa van der Walt. Publisher TBA. 2015.

Kiernan, Julia. ?Immigrant Mosaics: Advancing Multilingual Education in Canadian Post-Secondary Settings.? Transitions and Disruptions: Resident Multilingual Students Writing in High Schools, Vocational Schools, and Colleges. Eds. Christina Ortmeier-Hooper and Todd Ruecker. Publisher TBA. 2015.

Kiernan, Julia. ?An Analysis of the Canadian Mosaic: Language Usage Among Immigrant Post-Secondary Students.? World Journal of English Language. 4.2 (2014): 21-29.

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