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Hillery Glasby
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Hillery Glasby

Assistant Professor

Office: 250 Bessey Hall

Email: hilleryglasby@hotmail.com

Research Areas

Queer Rhetoric; Visual, Digital, and DIY/Craft Rhetorics; Queer and Feminist Pedagogies; Writing Center and Writing Program Administration


Hillery's research focuses on the intersection of queerness and composition; LGBTQ student writers; queer and alternative rhetoric; and critical sexual literacy. Hillery's most recent project considers ambivalence and failure of queer methodologies toward meaning-making.


PhD, Ohio University

Representative Work

"[                ]: National Day of Silence's Rhetorical Silence as Performative Rhetorical Activism." Stillness and Silence. Spec. issue of Liminalities. vol. 12, no. 2, 2016, liminalities.net/12-3/silence.html

"Answering Malinowtiz' Call: Finding Out about Rhetoric & Compositions LGBTQ Students," CCCC: the Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX, April 2016, poster presentation.

"Let Me Queer My Throat | Queer Rhetorics of Negotiation: Marriage Equality and Homonormativity." Digital Activism. Spec. issue of Harlot. no. 11, 2014, harlotofthearts.org/index.php/harlot/article/view/210/145.

"Writing as Making | Making as Writing: DIY Multimodality in the Composition Classroom," Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference, Arizona State University, AZ, October 2015, presentation.