Letters of Recommendation Templates

I don’t know about you but every time I request a letter of recommendation from a past employer, they always ask me for a template. It always puts me on the spot and I feel so bad that I can’t really help them other than telling them whom the letter is for. However, I don’t have to fret about that anymore because now I can just recommend they go to Lettersofrecommendation.net. This great site that not only contains 175 letters of recommendation templates you can download and print for free, but also articles and tips for writing your own. This site also contains information for writing letter of references for employment as well as for college and graduate school, adoption, apartment rental, and other personal and professional situations.

Pubslush Brings New Publishing Options to Writers


There are many routes an author can take when publishing their work, be it through traditional publishing houses to ebooks, etc. Now the new company Pubslush is providing even more options for authors to publish their work.

Created by mother/daughter entrepreneurs, Hellen and Amanda Barbara, Pubslush is described as “Kickstarter for the book world.” Pubslush uses campaigning methods such as crowdfunding and pre-ordering. In this way, the Barbaras are hoping to ease the financial process of publishing  for aspiring authors. 

According to Pubslush’s website, the entrepreneurial duo were actually inspired to start their business by the stories of publishing struggles faced by many famous authors, such as the Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling! Before the best-selling Harry Potter series was published, the tale of the boy wizard was actually rejected by 12 publishers! As such, Pubslush aims to “create a more democratic publishing process” in order to publish great authors who might get overlooked and thrown into what is known as the “slush pile.” Pubslush’s site states:

“Our name is derived from our mission to give authors the opportunity to get out of the slush pile, prove their talent and market viability, and successfully publish quality books.”

It’s definitely an interesting, new approach to publishing to consider, or at least be cognizant of!  For more information on Pubslush, visit their website and check out this article from Small Business Trends. As an aspiring writer myself, it’s nice to know that there are so many options today to get my work published! Enjoy!

Writing A Pain Letter


When embarking on the job hunt after graduating, you’re going to write a cover letter or ten. However, this article from Forbes introduces and encourages job seeks to write a new letter to send to employers, and it is known as the pain letter.

So, what’s a pain letter? A pain letter is addressed to the hiring manager that and highlights the company’s most prominent issue. Once the problem is identified, the rest of the letter goes into how you, as an potential employee, could help fix it.

Pretty bold, right? Whether or not you think this is a good idea, one thing is for sure and that is that the pain letter will definitely make you stick out  among the other applicants.


How To Give Good Feedback

For grad students and those interested in teaching, here are some tips for giving inspiring feedback on student writing.

1) Don’t correct every mistake you see. 

2) Use a rubric to grade student writing on only one criteria at a time. 

3) Make editing a collaborative process instead of a teacher directed one. 

4) Write on sticky notes instead of directly on students’ papers. 

5) Give feedback orally in writing conferences. 

6) Have students use Google Drive for writing. 

7) Create a document of frequently used comments for students’ writing and copy/paste from it. 

8) Type your feedback comments instead of handwriting them. 

9) Focus on the quality of work over quantity of work. 

10) Have students self-assess. 

Check out The Cornerstone for more.