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Tell It and They Will Come

by | Posted January 24th, 2014


Source: athinklab.com: “Storytelling speaks to all levels of the brain”

As a writer, one asset that I am constantly reshaping is storytelling. Writers tell stories to entertain readers and keep their engagement, and if that goal isn’t achieved the risk of losing audience is a scary thought, “yikes!” Believe it or not the same goes for businesses with relation to clients. Robert Bruce shares a unique perspective in his article on Copyblogger about applying story to salesmanship, preaching, advertising, conversation, marketing, songwriting, and blogging. These may be different categories, but they all have one thing in common – the art of storytelling. In Bruce’s article he helps us to understand that information cannot stand alone. Take a moment to understand why story and information are a complete pair, and you will notice the memorable impression it will have on your audience.

A New App To Catch Snoopers

by | Posted January 23rd, 2014



There’s nothing better than full privacy, unfortunately with annoying siblings, nosy significant others and friends that will never be the case. If you’re suspicious that someone may be going through your smartphone or mobile computing devices; They just got Busted! The PeeperPeeper app can be your eyes when you step out of the room.

This app currently offers shortcuts for WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and LINE. PeeperPeeper catches who has been snooping on your private messages through screenshots. The PeeperPeeper app allows you to keep the convenience of having access to social media on iPhones/androids or iPad/tablets and not having to worry about meddlesome friends, families or coworkers. Lifehacker has some great information on this new app, and if it intrigues you take 5 seconds to download the PeeperPeeper app, it’s free and doesn’t take up much memory space.

Brainstorming: A Path to Creative Decision-Making

by | Posted January 22nd, 2014

37642875Brainstorming is a great way to generate ideas. And it’s not only for writing papers or giving presentations, it’s great for meetings. If you have a meeting waiting right around the corner and you were thinking about winging it, reconsider. Lifehacker advises not to brainstorm during meetings, but instead be the golden employee and come prepared with ideas that are ready to be presented. Avoid wasting time gathering up ideas when you could be working as a team to build on the different ideas and knock out the bad ones. Another benefit to brainstorming is that it puts your team ahead of the game and results in quick and short meetings. The next time you have a meeting, instead of checking your Twitter five minutes before, pull out a sheet of paper and brainstorm great ways to identify and accomplish goals.

Global App Design Dos and Don’ts

by | Posted January 21st, 2014

Have the next big idea for a global app? It’s important to think about basic rules that will help make your app design a success. The Next Web offers some important tips to keep in mind. TNW knows that designing an app takes a lot of creativity, planning and intensive labor and it doesn’t get easier when you’re designing for a global audience. Some do’s to keep in mind are; assessing the viability of launching in a new market, simplifying functionality, visualizing consistency, getting in real content ASAP, starting with high resolutions and double checking mobile OS adoption rates. Don’t forget the don’ts, which include leaving out animations, ignoring culture nuances, executing your strategy remotely and taking visual language lightly.

Source: blog.logmein.com

Source: blog.logmein.com

Coming up with an app may be easy; it’s getting it running smoothly that’s the challenge. For instance, animation is an eye catcher when designing. Animation brings characters to life; why not bring your app to life. Yes, animation may be the most difficult part to include when creating an app, but instead of trying to avoid it altogether why not include some sort of animation. Animation helps user to better understand the app and stay engaged.

Source: www.mobileapptesting.com

Source: www.mobileapptesting.com

Keep in mind that the key focus is to make this a global app and your audience is huge. People you least expect may end up downloading this app. Therefore, don’t ignore cultural nuances. You will be reaching out to different markets, don’t assume that all markets take the same language similarly. You don’t want to end up disrespecting someone or giving wrong instructions. Take the time and see which symbols, drawings, or text have mutual meanings no matter who is using it. Overall, just remember your audience is global and it’s important to properly cater to them. Always get a second opinion before you launch your final product. So there you have it folks – tips from the experts at TNW to get you started in globalizing your app.

Tech Skills Ruled 2013

by | Posted January 20th, 2014

As the presence of companies grows online, they are constantly looking for web developers with the skills to get the job done. Although preference in development software varies, there was a significant spike in searches for a particular set of skills. According to Stack Overflow’s statistics, a culmination of frequently searched keywords by companies to find job applicants, Java was the #1 searched skill keyword. Taking a look at the infographic below, out of the top ten searched developer skills of 2013 Java took first place by a solid 10%. Even development abilities in iOS and Android aren’t preferred nearly as much. Despite this, knowledge in Java is relevant for the development of Android systems. Regardless, technological skills, especially web development, are highly valuable in the ever-growing World Wide Web. Read more about skills that are in-demand at Readwrite’s article here.

Source: Readwrite

Source: Readwrite

Snapchat is hacked, there is much flack

by | Posted January 18th, 2014

Source: Readwrite

Source: Readwrite

Although the popular social app was hacked earlier this month, Snapchat has received much criticism for their blasé response to the security breach. “Our team continues to make improvements to the Snapchat service to prevent future attempts to abuse our API.” Only after more than four million Snapchat phone numbers were published by an anonymous hacker did Snapchat respond to the potential hack alerts. The app’s choice of action was to announce that they would fix the Find Friends feature that supposedly allowed the hack in the first place. For more on this story, visit Readwrite’s article here.

Top 5 Most Persuasive English Words

by | Posted January 17th, 2014

Source: Copyblogger.com

Source: Copyblogger.com

You’d think the most persuasive words, the ones that have the most impact on us, would be impressive and lengthy and foreign-sounding; you’d need to roll your tongue and take on a fake accent in order to reach the word’s high level of persuasion. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is – these words are commonplace. They’re used every day in everyday conversations. It’s probably really disenchanting how overused they are. Nonetheless, the trick is how they’re being used that makes them so persuasive – it’s the rhetoric. The way they are presented and pitched, greatly affects how the audience perceives not only the words but also the content. There is an art to persuasiveness and it lies in the creative process of the copy. Every word must keep in mind the content, purpose, and audience in order to succeed in persuasion. You can find the 5 compelling words at Copyblogger’s article here.

The Science Behind Inspiration and How to Make the Most of It

by | Posted January 16th, 2014

Source: Lifehacker

Source: Lifehacker

If you’ve ever stared at a blank Word document, you know that achieving inspiration is harder than it sounds. Ideas don’t come easily, especially when you force them. Instead, allow yourself to be lazy. Let the ideas come to you. Or, get feedback on the ideas you already have, even if they aren’t very good. Knowing where or how your best ideas come to you is highly beneficial. And no matter how you go about searching for inspiration, make sure you have a strategy for documenting your ideas at any moment.

But what is inspiration? Well, there are a lot of brain waves and neural connections involved, but basically, the more you work your brain, the better it becomes at generating ideas. Our brain is a map of connections, each thought attached to another in a never-ending field of associations. The more we use those connections, the stronger they become and the easier it is to create new ones. Keeping your brain active is essential to this process. We’ve all heard of the numerous benefits of exercising and meditating. However, here’s an excuse to be even lazier: reading and playing video games also offer opportunities to create new neural connections. “Dude, how do you have time to play Assassin’s Creed 4, again?” “I’m strengthening neural connections and establishing new pathways in my brain every time I kill someone.” Yeah, you’re welcome. Read up on inspiration at Lifehacker.