Free Writing Consulting With The MSU Writing Center


Writing a paper? Feeling stuck? Not sure if your thesis is actually a thesis? Don’t sweat it! The Michigan State University Writing Center is there to help! The Writing Center offers free one-to-one consulting, online consulting, workshops, and more. Be sure to check out its website for more information, and be sure to follow its Twitter for updates!


Free Hemingway Editor Helps Clarify Your Writing


Curious how clear your writing is? Want to know where it isn’t? Then check out the Hemingway Editor, a free online tool that points out where writing may be unclear to the reader. By using a highlighting system (yellow=hard to read, red=really hard to read), it will point out where you may want to revise. Additionally, passive voice, adverbs, and words and phrases are pointed out. Definitely check it out!

Need Help With Color Selection? Check Out Design Seeds


Into web design? Need help finding the perfect color combo for your site? Or are you a beginning blogger and have no idea what colors will look good on your blog? Then check out the website Design Seeds!

Design Seeds offers a free service that allows you to sift through different color combos. Definitely check out the website to play with its palette search tool, and check out the rest of the website for more color inspiration!