From Ian Storm Taylor: “What’s Wrong With the iOs 7 Icons?”

Ian Storm Taylor, co-founder of, recently analyzed the design appearance of the apps for Apple iOS7. His overall impression was many of the apps could do with a revamp in color and some came across as childish and rushed as if the software creators at Apple slapped their first draft on the keynote and called it good. He gives his designer recommendations for improvements, apps that shouldn’t exist, but also apps that Apple did a great job improving the quality and outlook of the design. Personally, I enjoy the bright colors and simplicity of the app face, but that’s me. Check out his analysis and see for yourself.

From Mental Floss: Neil Gaiman on Writing

Hearing other writer’s talk about writing and give tips on writing is one of my favorite things to read. Mental Floss published 11 quotes about writing from the master of fantasy, Neil Gaiman. My favorite is what he says on rejection:

“First I got really grumpy, and then got very determined to write things that were so good that not even the stupidest most irritating gatekeeper alive could reject them.”

And what constitutes as a “good day:”

“Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters.”