What does your twitter profile say about you?

Could someone glance at your twitter profile, and without reading a single word, know something about you? Where you come from, your gender, or your profession?

Probably not with any certainty. But they could make an informed guess. Each of those variables has a correlation with certain color trends for your twitter page. People from California and Florida have an affinity for white. Hackers are fond of blue. And unsurprisingly, people who describe themselves as fashionistas are attracted to pink. But who would have guessed that orange is the color of fatherhood?

Color has always been assigned cultural meaning, but it’s been a shifting, difficult field to pin down. Now, it’s becoming easier to chart those associations every day. What’s more, you can leverage those associations to make your twitter profile on-point rhetorically.

If you’ve nailed your colors, check out this infographic to see if your twitter bio is holding up too.

Twitter infographic

Visual Outlines By Famous Writers

As a writer, metaphors and plots come to mind at random moments. I have to grab anything around me to write them down or else by the time I sit down and write, I have forgetten. Stacks of napkins and sticky notes is how I strategize my next story idea. How do famous writers plan their next novel? Open Culture reveals how popular writers visually outline their novels. One piece of advice to future authors, instead of staring at a blank page grab a writing utensil and start planning wherever and however. Remember, “Every great novel—or at least every finished novel—needs a plan.

Source: Open Culture

Comics Say It Best

Rejection may be painful, but it’s a great component to experience. Don’t allow one disappointment to control the rest of your life. Instead take that criticism to improve and most importantly try again. We often allow rejection to replace our shadows without realizing it and carry that burden everywhere we go. The cartoon below from Neatorama my be simple and cute, but it holds great meaning. Don’t be the puppet of your own rejection, cut the strings and let go.


Make Every Experience Count

Getting a reference letter can be challenging and often frustrating. Who to ask, how to ask, and what to say are common concerns. What if I told you it can be easier than you think. Lifehacker suggests asking volunteer jobs for reference letters. We all know that including your volunteer experiences is a great way to fluff up your resume, why not take it a step further and ask for a reference letter. What a great way to honor your volunteer work while also gaining giving potential employers valuable feedback on your volunteer work experience.