Freelancing: The New Black


Forget the days of the rushing to get to the office on time, while being dressed in nice work clothes; stay home and type away in your PJs! Or, you could wear a suit or dress pants still; to each their own.

There’s been a reported recent growth in freelance writing jobs and the profession is becoming more and more appealing to creatives. This recent trend is the result of a variety of factors, which this article from Skyword digs into deeper. If you do have an in interest in freelance writing, I highly recommend you check it out!


Storytelling Tips from Pixar

Pixar Storytelling Rules

I can’t deny it. I love Pixar films. I cry like a baby every single time I watch Up. I have seen Wall-E so many times that I not only know all the words, but I have the music on my iPod that I jam to on the regular, and I celebrate when Pixar comes out with a new short. The visual and digital rhetoric within Pixar films are what I find so enthralling, especially as a Professional Writer. It is also because of my study and understanding of rhetoric that I find the 22 rules of storytelling according to Pixar so fascinating. I recommend Pixar lovers but Pwers in general check out this article.

Memo Writing Tips

As Professional Writers, knowing how to write memos is a must. Whether it’s to a professor, client, or employer, this memo-writing checklist can help you structure your document.

1.) The entire memo should have a rather large header indicating that the document is a memo. It should also be single spaced, 1-inch margins, pages numbered, and double-spaced between each section.

2.) Begin with a ‘To’ section containing the name of the receiver. For informal memos, the receiver’s given name; e.g. “To: Andy” is enough. For more formal memos, use the receiver’s full name. If the receiver is in another department, use the full name and the department name.

3.) A ‘From’ section containing the name of the sender. For informal memos, the sender’s other name; e.g. ‘From: Bill’ is enough. For more formal memos, use the sender’s full name. If the receiver is in another department, use the full name and the department name. It is usually not necessary to use Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms unless the memo is very formal.

4.) A ‘Date’ section.

5.) A subject heading that summarizes what your memo addresses, like an email subject heading.

6.) The message. The chunk of the memo should contain the following sections: Intro, Body, and Conclusion. The first section should include an introduction to the subject addressed in the memo as well as a list of the section headings of the following body sections. Each body paragraph should have a summarizing section heading. The conclusion should analyze and summarize the memo.

For more memo writing tips, check out this article at Communications at Work or make an appointment with the Writing Center at

National Novel Writing Month

National Writing Month

Hey, all you creative writers. Guess what? November is National Novel Writing Month. How cool is that? Here is a website filled to the brim with great writing knowledge and tips to kick off the season and wallop that writer’s block right out of your brain. It walks you from the beginning of novel writing process to the very end, from prologue to epilogue if you will. This site includes a travel writing kit, outline templates, grammar tricks, how to write with a quill, creative writing prompts, story maps, problem and solution outlines, editing tips, and so much more.

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