The Future of Libraries

Imagine a world with no library. You’re probably asking, how could this possibly happen? The next time you download a text onto your kindle ask yourself, “What’s the future of libraries?”  It seems less and less individuals check out books from the library, so why do publishers keep spending money in printing books to accumulate dust when almost every book can be found online. Although its old fashion, I find pure joy in kicking back with a paper book rather then staring at a screen.

Source: The Next Web

You Don’t Have To Read From Left To Right

Are you sitting in front of a desk with a stack of books? Did you wait last minute and now your asking yourself, how could I possibly read through six chapters in one night? Have no fear, I’m here to help. Take a deep breath and grab a snack because there’s a faster way to read. It’s simple, as Lifehacker suggests, “Read faster by looking at the words in the middle of sentences.”

Unique Ways To Use Snapchat

For all you Snapchat fanatics, I’m passing on some practical ways to use the app. For those that don’t know what Snapchat is, it’s an app that allows you to send pictures and messages to your friends that will obliterate in 10 seconds or less, pretty cool. Check out “5 ways to use Snapchat” from and discover fun and useful ways to use the application. By the way, remember absolute privacy is fictional.


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