How To Turn Your Ear Lobe Into a Speaker


Next time someone sticks a finger into your ear, don’t worry it may not be a wet willy. The Verge introduces Disney Research’s latest concoction Ishin-Den-Shin, which is the “Japanese expression for communicating through an unspoken mutual understanding, the technology turns an audio message into an inaudible signal that is relayed by the human body.” In layman’s terms, transmitting sound through your body. Not much is required; all it takes is a voice-activated microphone, a computer, and a thin wire to experience the Disney magic. Pretty cool! Read more about transmitting sound through touch.

From The Verge: “What your Instagram uploads say about the city you live in”

Chances are you’ve taken an Instagram photo recently. Maybe it was this morning or last night or maybe you took one a few minutes ago. It was probably of your delicious lunch or the beautiful, generic sunset you witnessed or of you and your BFF all dolled up before going out. I won’t judge. We’ve all done it. But let’s stop and think – how many people do you think have taken a picture just like that? Say on the Fourth of July you snap a shot of some patriotic fireworks and upload it with a cool filter – oh wait, there’s already five more just like them on your feed!

Recently, research has shown that there’s a correlation between the type of photos uploaded on Instagram and the place you live. When we think about national holidays, this makes sense. For example, in Tel Aviv, researchers were able to determine cultural differences between users based on their pictures during three national holidays. However, this discovery can really be illustrated when it comes to unplanned events such as Hurricane Sandy. Looking at the photos taken during the hurricane, researchers could clearly distinguish the time before and after the power went out in New York. Separating pictures according to hue, brightness, and line orientation, they were able to create the image below.

So, before you take that next Instagram, ask yourself, has the world seen enough of that? Read more about Instagram cities on The Verge.

Source: The Verge
Source: The Verge

From Lifehacker: “5 Best Paper Notebooks”


Image from LifeHacker
Image from LifeHacker

Who knew there were so many different kinds of notebooks? I’ve actually written down a few names so I can go shopping later… Whether you’re a Moleskin fanatic or a bit nostalgic for the composition notebook, every writer is looking for the right notebook. Your preferences definitely depend on the where and how of your writing. If you tend to enjoy writing outside rain or shine, you’re probably not going to keep your composition notebook for very much longer. If you have a habit of writing with whatever you can get your hands on, Moleskin notebooks can handle almost anything. Take a gander at Lifehacker’s list and find the best pick for you.

10 Crucial Tips for Web Designing

Less is more but simple is hard. Designing for the web can be the most rewarding activity, creating an interactive interface that many people will use – but it can also be the most tedious. There are a lot of things to consider before you start spinning your threads to create your website. The most important one is you can’t know everything. No designer knows everything. You know those programming geniuses on routine cop shows that know every possible route and there’s nothing that they can’t do? Wrong. Nobody is really like that. Designing for the web is about learning what tools work best for you and taking it day by day. Every project is going to be different: varying audiences, content, contexts, and reasons you’re doing this project. You’ll learn the most by doing – so go create! But first, you should probably read more about the things you need to know about designing for the web at Treehouse Blog.