What Have PWer’s Been Up To?

WRAC would like to take a moment and acknowledge all the hard work that is taking place amongst the Professional Writing students in the department.

PW sophomore, Claire Babala was one of nine students featured in the MSU President’s Report. Check out the video below to meet Claire.

PW senior, Richa Choubey, has accomplished a great deal in her four years at MSU. She is featured on msu.edu right now and shares an inspiring path that lead her to focus on film and television.

PW senior, Riley Sutika, works for the AOP office. This past year, she coordinated the Project 60/50 essay contest and did some AMAZING work.

And another PW student, Jade Wiselogle, landed an internship in NYC with Seventeen Magazine for the summer. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all our PWer’s who landed an internship this year. If there are any PWer’s that would love to write a guest blog post to take a moment and share their summer internship experience, email wrac@msu.edu.

What Is Character Agency?

As you kick back on the patio with a glass of pina colada, and finally dedicate time to that novel you’ve been dying to finish, remember that a character’s role in storytelling is essential and must have a sense of agency. What is agency? Terribleminds breaks it down. Agency demonstrates the ability to make decisions that affect the story. A character’s agency pushes, creates and changes the plot. The characters contribute to the existence of the story, and the audience then connects with characters based on empathy, sympathy, and pathos; therefore, one of the most basic and fundamental aspects of creating a character is making them feel and seem human.

Look Up!

The next time you’re out hanging with your friends—pause—look up and look around. What do you notice? You might notice that the majority of people around you are interacting on some type of electronic device. Technology is a great invention and has changed the world in many positive ways, but has caused people to be less social off line. Why not look up and see what happens? The video below from Lifehacker illustrates what can happen if we take a moment to look up from our phone.