Summer School Tips

Regardless of the polarizing aspects of the American education system, the ever-present pause of summer vacation is an inarguable luxury; however, for many college students, particularly those who wish to expedite their graduation process, taking the summer off from school isn’t an option. A large portion of the country’s college student population will take courses over the summer, choosing to sit in a lecture hall rather than play Frisbee on a sunny day.

Those of you who have been enduring the summer semester already understand the unique pressures and expectations of the shortened schedule, but it’s not over yet. Here are eleven tips to supplement the winding down of the shortest semester in college; not only are these tips helpful and realistic, but they’ve been provided by fellow college students attending Berkley in California.

Generally useful tips like ‘attend your classes’ and ‘drink cups of coffee’ are included, but some more pertinent information regarding stress management and gaining Gen-Ed credits stand out. Even though these students attend a university on the west coast, their insight is ubiquitous.

Hang in there!  Only a few more weeks of summer school to go.

Trending: World Cup

Once many Professional Writing students realize that managing social media outlets can be a tangible form of making a living, thinking about becoming an adult doesn’t seem so scary. We spend a lot of time (probably more than we’re willing to admit) perusing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites, absorbing and posting information. Judging by what’s trending, social media users have the ability to find, learn, and promulgate popular events; and according to Forbes Magazine, the greatest influx of social media attention is on the horizon.

We’re talking Futbol, people. Soccer. That ninety minute game played with a ball with a zebra color scheme. As soccer transcends sport to become a worldwide cultural phenomenon, one can expect the social media platforms to be inundated with updates, hashtags, and stories.

So, look alive, social media socialites! Pay attention to the trends; this is an interesting event that only happens once every four years, and social media is at its peak of popularity. Sure, your Pintrest might be blown up with images of soccer players and their fanatic followers, but it’s a nice change of pace from wedding pictures and overused memes.

No Place To Hide

Mr. Greenwald’s new book

Rhetoric is a powerful tool. Ubiquitously used as an insult, the term “rhetoric” simply translates as the art of effective persuasion. Typically, claims of harmful and misleading rhetoric are found in the ideological realm of politics, where the name of the game is persuasion; however, in some cases, the intended audience can be difficult to sway.

Glenn Greenwald is a journalist (among other professions), who has written for numerous publications, particularly the US version of the Guardian news outlet. He is currently famous (or infamous) for breaking the story on the National Security Agency scandal, wherein fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden, a former systems administrator for the NSA, divulged information about potentially illegal standards and practices. Since Greenwald’s original exposé in the Guardian US, a deluge of rhetoric has been written, videotaped, published, and shouted on or against Snowden’s behalf.

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