Creating Space for Empathy in the Classroom

In a blog post on Edutopia, Joe Hirsch asks, “can empathy feel its way back into the classroom?” To begin to answer this question Hirsch suggests considering cooperative learning in tomorrow’s lesson plan. Yes, tomorrow, like right now. Yet, instead of just throwing students in groups and hoping for cooperation, Hirsch recommends the jigsaw method, which sounds a lot like skill- and knowledge-sharing feminist collectives where each member of the collective/group learns each role and is then able to slip into any position. For Hirsch, the jigsaw method creates “points of contact between students who would otherwise not interact delivers a humbling but elevating awareness of the “other.” Click thru to read more about Hirsch’s ideas for “Teaching Empathy.

“Cherokee Story in the Digital Archives” Qatar Talk

Ellen Cushman recently held a talk titled “Cherokee Story in the Digital Archives: Revising the Tenets of the Imperialist Archive” in Qatar.

The talk addressed the problems and promise of digital archives in the realm of Cherokee historical artifacts. Cushman drew from six years of research focusing on Cherokee language and identity leading up to this analysis where she specifically focuses on the Cherokee Learning Center as an example of a decolonialized digital archive.

“This fascinating experience gave me insight into the Qatar Foundation’s important efforts to persevere in the Qatari peoples’ culture, to provide the best education possible to the students in Education City, and to build Doha’s educational and medical infrastructures. I was honored to be invited and pleased to meet the students and faculty in the Liberal Arts Program of Texas A & M, Doha.”

Cushman is writing a blog piece on her experience in Qatar, which will be found on her personal blog.