What If What You Wore Improved Your Performance?

We have all at one point asked ourselves, “What am I going to wear today?” The outfit you chose to walk out that door doesn’t just change the way others perceive you, but it influences your overall performance. Check out the video below from Lifehacker for a fun look at the study “Enclothed Cognition.” Overall, when we dress smart we think we are smart. If we don’t, we become more error-prone. P.S. right before your exams don’t hesitate to grab a pair of Nerd glasses.

10 Easy Tips To Ensure A Healthier Workday

It’s easy to become accustom to bad habits and not realize how they are slowly destroying your health. A typical day for most individuals includes long hours of sitting, being stuck in a stressful office or skipping meals because work consumes the majority of your time. You may think the sacrifices are worth it because the pay is good, but in reality you are subtracting years from your life. If you’re interested in spending a few more years with the ones you love, put into practice the 10 tips mentioned by Lifehacker on how to stay healthy and energetic at the office (and make the day go by faster).

Say NO To Student LOANS

Duh, it’s best for parents to start saving for their children’s college expenditures as early as possible; unfortunately, that isn’t the case for some students. When it was time for me to start college my parents weren’t in the best financial situation and I didn’t make the grades. My only option was loans, and I’m not alone. Lifehacker takes a moment to discuss “Three people, one big student loan: how they each plan to pay it off.

Read how debt has affected their lives and the struggles and sacrifices involved in paying student loans over $100,000.  Whether you’re starting undergrad or graduate school, returning after taking a break, or already have student loans to repay, always seek advice and walk the path leading away from debt. Katie Brewer finance consult was asked to see how theses three individuals plan to pay back their loans and ensure they’re on a realistic and right payment track.

Loan Shark

If you can relate to these individuals and have already dove into a pool full of loans. There are different approaches that can be used to help remove the hindrance on your post graduation future.  Katie Brewer suggests to Victoria Karan (loan balance of $198,000) “that if she pays even an extra $50 toward her loans each month, it could shave months or even years off the time to repay, as well as reduce the amount of interest she pays.” The interest rate is what makes paying a loan back more difficult, if you can, while still in school, pay off the interest.

It’s important that you start college with the approach “NO LOANS.” Borrowing now and paying later sounds good until you want to buy your dream car or a house. It’s okay to pause and take the time to think about the total amount of money being borrowed on student loans, avoid being a prisoner to your student loans for the next 30 years of your life.

Give Your Brain the Rest It Deserves

Some say the key to success lies in not sleeping. The truth is you might get more done, but sleep is essential to your health. What’s the point of successes if you’re too sick to enjoy it? Sleep is crucial for recollection, learning, metabolism, and other vital functions of the body. Knowing how long to sleep is important. Lifehacker has the perfect guide on how long to nap for the biggest brain benefits. The next time you stay up all night studying, grading, reading, or partying, it might help to squeeze in a 10-minute power nap throughout the day.