Speech Bubble Street Art

Spiting rhymes and making beats, spinning mix tapes and freestyling wasn’t enough for the Hip-hop culture. Hip-hop introduced graffiti and blasted their messages to other artists on the street. To some, graffiti is a form of art and communication, but to the law it is considered vandalism. Neatorama introduces a young artist who is making a positive difference. Artist Aiden Glynn found a creative and hilarious way to respond to the art on the street. Aiden’s art project shows him writing messages to other street artists in speech bubbles.



Become A Master Editor In Just 7 Minutes, Advice from Hitchcock

Ever spent hours collecting material for a video presentation, then to realize it will take another three hours or more to cut out unnecessary footage.  Alfred Hitchcock offers a seven-minute video on how to become a master in editing. He explains that there is much more to cutting, it goes much deeper and there are different cinematic approaches to consider when producing the perfect “final version” of a film. If you’d like to behold more of the editing prowess Hitchcock commanded, visit Open Cultures collection of 20 Free Alfred Hitchcock Movies Online.

Fourth Genre’s new “Off the Page” series


FG Off the Page

If you’re a fan of all things writing, then Fourth Genre’s new podcast series “Off the Page” is for you. Each episode highlights a different author published in Fourth Genre, discussing their work and covering various issues in the realm of nonfiction as well as their writing process, the editing process, and, of course, what animal they would most like to be.

So far, “Off the Page” focuses on authors the Fourth Genre editorial staff met at the annual Associated Writers and Writing Program conference when they traveled to Boston earlier this year. In the first episode, Eric Walters talks with Daisy Hernandez, the author of “Before Love, Memory” which received a Notable Mention in Best American Essays 2013. In the second episode, Brenda Miller is interviewed about her various published pieces, especially the most recent of her Fourth Genre pieces, “How to Get Ready for Bed”. With only two episodes so far, catching up is simple! Don’t miss any more episodes; check out “Off the Page” here.

Bookbub provides free ebook downloads

As the literary world moves closer and closer to a wholly digital reading experience, new reading devices seem to crop up every day. As delightful and convenient as ebooks can be, it’s frustrating when you can’t find the right format for a book that you want to read. Bookbub can help with that. By signing up with your email, you can receive daily offers on free or discounted ebooks. The website supports numerous digital platforms including, but not limited to: Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Google Play Books. They provide links to download the book of your choice for your preferred ereader. Learn more about Bookbub at Lifehacker. Happy Reading!

Source: Lifehacker
Source: Lifehacker