Unique Mugs For Your Rare Personality

Source: Nice Cup Bro

Do you have a favorite mug that sits on your desk or follows you everywhere and keeps you company everyday? Mugs no longer hide coffee or tea, it has become an artistic expression. What’s the story behind the colors, lines, shapes and text on your mug when you settle your lips on its edges to take a sip or raise it to say hi? Now, for the many coffee lovers who haven’t found the mug that speaks to them check out “Nice Cup Bro.” Make a sip of coffee or tea rock with unique mugs from around the world. Visual News has put together a slideshow of a few of the best mugs form “Nice Cup Bro”. Take a scroll and pick through hundreds of mug design and find the one that says, Hello.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

Don’t have time to read a two hundred-page book on how to be proactive? No worries, the comic strip below gives the perfect strategy to completing a task by thinking and acting ahead of the anticipated deadline, homework assignment or simply as holiday shopping. Being proactive is a great tactic for avoiding more work down the road. We have the tendency to take the procrastination route and not plan for the future, instead of making life easier we make it difficult. Cartoonist Stephan McCranie gives advice to “Be Proactive Not Reactive,” which doesn’t include reading a book. “Brick by Brick” are comics by Stephan that nourishes the mind in a creative and interesting way on improving bad habits. Explore doodlelle.com and find comics like the one below. If “Be Proactive Not Reactive” is beneficial check out, “Planning For The Possible.

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Which Texting App Do You Use?

Do you text more then you talk on the phone? If that’s the case you’re probably already using instant messaging chat apps. Lifehacker provides five best alternative texting apps. Instant messaging on chat apps, such as Viber and WhatsApp, has overtaken the traditional SMS text message. These apps are all here to send a message to whomever wherever they may be, but they all have different features that suit diverse users. Take a second and learn about five free popular texting apps and download the one that does the job you want.

Subcompact Publishing The New Revolution

Source: Smashing Magazine

The digital realm has established virus like symptoms. New innovative ideas continue to grow and spread throughout the web precipitously. There is a new trend in publishing that is quickly spreading throughout the web this very moment. “Subcompact Publishing” is a form of micropublishing that puts focus on text-based stories while avoiding rich-media add-ons to help bring an expansion to the way stories are told and sold.

Subcompact publishing was first introduced by a few seminal articles written by former Flipboard designer Craig Mo. Subcompact publishing brings the notion that people are cagey of flashy websites and apps, they are more interested in something that works and delivers with out add-ons to use certain apps.  Subcompact and long-form publications don’t reject photography or illustration, their approach leans more towards written pieces over photo essays and videos. The elements of subcompact publishing are what clutch users attention. These elements include flat hierarchy, scrolling, minimalism, 7-inch tablets and typography. With elements like the ones listed above user-friendly and user engagement isn’t too far. This will help resolve the usual issue of people leaving webpages before exploring the entire page.

Source: Smashing Magazine

There are many journals and magazine such as The New York Times’ “Snow Fall,” The magazine, Quartz and Epic who have adapted to subcompact publishing style. The article “Recent Trends In Storytelling and New Business Models For Publishing,” published on Smashing Magazine by Jose Martinez Salmeron not only highlights the spread of subcompact publishing, but also raises an important question about the future of print journalism. Check out the article to get the full details. But for now, are you going to get affected by the digital virus and incorporate subcompact publishing as the format for your blog or webpage, the next time you have a story to tell?