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From Galleycat: Buying E-books From Your Favorite Bookstore

by | Posted January 19th, 2013

If you’re one of those people who are worried about the impending switch to digital books and how they might ruin your independent bookstore, worry no more. Galleycat released a step-by-step instruction list on how to buy books from your favorite independent bookstore without succumbing to buying from the popular, mainstream bookstore sellers. It all has to do with Kobo, an e-reading device that allows users to buy books from their independent bookstores. Although the switch to e-books and e-readers is becoming more and more popular, you can still support your favorite independent bookstore through this simple program.

From Media Jobs Daily: Weird, yet True, Interview Questions Asked in 2012

by | Posted January 18th, 2013

Have you ever been sitting in an interview and asked if you knew how many cows were in Canada? No? Well, a prospective employer interviewing with Google did. Media Jobs Daily released an article about the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions, posted by GlassDoor, a company that gives employees an inside look at different jobs and companies. Although some companies (Google, included) are known for asking odd interview questions meant to give more of an insight on how the candidate thinks, most aren’t always useful in determining who is the best candidate.

“This trend of “gimmick” interview questions really needs to stop, in our opinion. Some of them tell you something useful about the candidate, like how s/he thinks, but most are just designed to catch the candidate off guard and don’t give any useful information about how he or she would perform on the job.”

PW Students Organize Fifth Local Music Festival

by | Posted January 17th, 2013

Next weekend, months of hard work by a group of Professional Writing (PW) alumni and students will finally be seen in action. The Middle of the Mitten (MOTM) festival has arrived once again, hosting its fifth annual celebration of local music from January 24th-26th in East Lansing and Lansing.

Logo for Middle of the Mitten 5Created by PW alumnus Joel Heckaman when he was a sophomore, Middle of the Mitten’s first festival took place in January 2009. What was originally a simple rock show to celebrate the first anniversary of The Record Lounge, an East Lansing record shop, has expanded each year, now including three nights at three different venues. The organization is currently working on its 501(c)3 and Registered Student Organization statuses while still hosting a music festival every January, and a Rock for Relief local music marathon in April for charities and disaster relief. (more…)

From Publishing Trendsetter: A Neat Infographic on the Life Cycle of a Book

by | Posted January 17th, 2013

Publishing Trendsetter created an infographic that explains exactly how a book becomes finalized. It takes you through the steps from when the writer comes up with an idea to finding an agent all the way through editing, production, marketing, publicity, and finally when it’s in the buyer’s hands. Complete with colors and arrows, it’s a must-look for anyone aspiring to break into the publishing business and wants to know more of how it works.

Source: publishingtrendsetter.com

Part One: How the Marketing Industry is Changing (From a Creative Point of View)

by | Posted January 16th, 2013

We live in a fast paced world. That is a fact. New technologies are coming out and evolving every day. By the time you purchase that new iPad Mini, Apple is already (and most likely already has) created something better, stronger, faster, etc. The same can be said for what is happening in the Marketing world. One of my favorite websites, fastcocreate.com, recently wrote a two part expose on how the marketing industry is predicted to change in 2013 from the different viewpoints of ad “creatives” and ad “strategists.”

In Part One, several top creative marketers predict what might happen in the upcoming year. Justin Cooke, the CMO of Topshop, a popular fashion store based out of London, predicts that there will be large advances in “mobile technology.” This is one example. Others are saying there will be no set “platforms” or rules.

“Nothing is hardened in cement like TV or print was; figuring out how to create and deliver messages now is liquid, constantly evolving as new technologies are introduced. It’s incredibly exciting,” says David Lubars, chairman and chief creative officers of BBDO North America, a prestigious and well-awarded advertising agency.

The article continues to ask what these creatives want to see more of, what they want to see less of, and what they plan on doing in 2013 to adapt to this ever-changing industry. As a Professional Writer, even though I’m not in Marketing, I find I can relate to this article because the industry we want to go into – publishing, graphic and web design, to name a few – is changing and evolving as well while technology advances. And we need to evolve and adapt with it if we are to be competitive in the market. 

From Publishing Perspectives: Real or Satirical? Dalkey Archive’s Press “Insane Ad”

by | Posted January 16th, 2013

Dalkey Archive’s Press recently sent out a press release stating they were beginning “the process of succession from the founder and current publisher, John O’Brien.” They stated they were planning on hiring 2-3 people and several support staff. The only thing is: it might have been sent out as a satire ad, in the spirit of Irish satirists, Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, and Flann O’Brien. Publishing Perspectives made a post about it on their website, speculating whether it was real or not.

“Read Dalkey’s complete job posting,” they said, “and decide for yourself if this is satire or not.”

From Co.Create: Creativity at Its Worst Present Lousy Book Covers

by | Posted January 15th, 2013

If you’re looking to go into publishing and want to work with the graphic and cover art design side, take note. Co.Create notes some of the worst book covers released.

“In an age of consumer-as-creator, it’s sometimes fun to see the self-generated works that aren’t soaring aesthetic achievements.”

Many are self-published, as the large publishing houses have a team of designers creating aesthetically pleasing cover art, yet Tumblr has created a site with some of the most horrific and poorly created book covers.

From Media Jobs Daily: Tips on “How to Stop Second Guessing Your Career Decisions”

by | Posted January 14th, 2013

Every semester there comes a time when, as a college student, I find myself second guessing my career aspirations. Do I really want to do that? Is this the correct path for me? Then I remember why I chose my major in the first place and how much it excites me. Despite all this, I think it’s natural for college students to second guess what they are studying.

Media Jobs Daily recently released an article with three tips on how NOT to second guess the decisions you’re making about your career.

  1. Get Input
  2. Ask “what if” questions
  3. Explore ideas to act on.

I think all of these are essential to feeling confident in the decisions you are making about your future career. Ask questions. Get help if you need it from peers and professors. College is one of the only times you will have all the resources you need available at your fingertips, so my advice is to always use them to your best advantage.