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400 FREE eBooks!

by | Posted March 27th, 2013

If you’re anything like me, you aren’t often found without your Nook, or whichever e-reader you own. The problem is, books are typically around $10, which can add up, especially for a poor college student like me. But have no fear, WRAC is here to save you! Here are 400 FREE eBooks. Yes, 400, you read that right. Also included in this post are tutorials on how to load these eBooks onto your reading device.

Want to catch up on the classics that you read in high school? Here is Romeo and Juliet.

Feel like reading a poem? Emily Dickinson is here for that.

And who could forget the Bronte sisters? They’re here too.

This post on Open Culture has iPhone/iPad format, Kindle, Nook, and the option to read online. So what are you waiting for? Get reading… for FREE!

Do you have another great website for FREE eBooks? Let us know @msuwrac.

Project Gutenberg: More Free eBooks

by | Posted March 27th, 2013

Project Gutenberg is a free service with over 42,000 books available to you. If you know what book you’re looking for, search away! If you just want to browse, utilize their “most popular” or “recent books” lists.

42,000 books can be overwhelming. To help out, i’ve put some of the most popular books below! Check them out, and download more FREE eBooks at Project Gutenberg!

Book Cover

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain

Beowulf, J. Lesslie Hall

Book Cover

Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

Free Font Websites

by | Posted March 26th, 2013

Font choice can make or break the rhetorical effectiveness of your work. I will often spend hours searching for the perfect font to match the tone of the document I’m working on (think flyers, website headers, and pamphlets). I have a few favorite websites with thousands upon thousands of free fonts available for download. Here’s my top 3:

More downloads of some of the “Best Free Fonts”

by | Posted March 26th, 2013

“Cubic Sans”

Typography isn’t always just about creating a fun design to catch people’s attention. “[I]t can also add subtle references to the message you’re trying to convey.” Creative Bloq wrote an article with 70 free fonts that they consider the best of the best. Some look like similar Sans Serif fonts in your average font book, some are perfect for a fashion magazine spread, and some look like they belong on the side of a concrete wall displaying some kind of artistic propaganda. These fonts are meant to “give you greater flexibility in your designs, and add to your arsenal of design tools.” Each one is worth taking a look and using however you choose!

“The Fell Types”

Free High Quality Fonts Presented by Smashing Magazine

by | Posted March 26th, 2013


Whether you’re a designer, a graphic artist, a blogger, or simply trying to create a fun flyer for your club or organization, Smashing Magazine has your answer. If you’re tired of using the same Sans Serif and Brush Script fonts in your standard Microsoft Word or Pages Font Book, check out some of the links Smashing Magazine provides to free, high quality font websites. Some are geared specifically towards designers, some are considered “fresh” and “beautiful.” If you’re like me and you enjoy using new fonts and playing around with design and typography, these are perfect for you.



Free Responsive WordPress Themes

by | Posted March 25th, 2013

Responsive web design is all the rage in web development right now. And as it should be! Responsive websites make the switch from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone seamless, or at least easy to follow. The following is a list of lists, websites that have put together their own lists of free responsive WordPress themes.

Have your own source for free responsive themes? Let us know on Twitter, @msuwrac.

More Free Website Templates

by | Posted March 25th, 2013

Series of website template images

Image viw www.wix.com

If WordPress doesn’t have what you’re looking for, never fear. WIX is another platform offering you free templates to build your website. You can choose from different categories based on the type of website you’re looking to create, such as one for business, fashion, photography, or design and art.

After choosing a template, it is incredibly easy to personalize your site. This free tool is designed to help you make a website in an easy manner, and does so by allowing you to make changes to your site by double clicking on text, or with helpful popup boxes that guide you in altering tags or images. We didn’t want to offer any resource that we weren’t sure of, so we created a basic web page to test how simple it really was to build it. As it turns out, ten minutes later we had a functional page that was easy to edit and customize. Feel free to check it out, especially if you’re looking to create a site yourself!

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

by | Posted March 25th, 2013

Image of four WordPress theme sites

Image via WordPress.com

If you’re considering starting a blog or a website anytime soon, there are a few key elements you should know between using WordPress.org or WordPress.com. 

WordPress.org is a prime tool if you are a tech savvy person, or if you’re creating a site for an organization. It has a wide variety of free templates you can choose from to fit your needs. There’s also a fair amount of flexibility in being able to create your own custom design, and you have a lot of control over the individual elements within the web page. However, you are required to find a web host for your site.   

On the other hand, if working with websites isn’t something you’re familiar with, WordPress.com is the more useful route. This site also has a range of free templates that you can match to what you want (select which theme you would like, and then click the “Free” tab on the right side of the page). Whether you’re a writer looking for a place to share your thoughts and ideas, or a digital communicator looking to showcase visuals like photos, these are designed for you to fill your work into their templates. It’s very helpful in taking you step by step through setting up your site, and then continues in making it simple to maintain. 

Ultimately, both sites offer good templates, that are—insert the magic word here—free!