Making The Most of Your Goals

School, no LIFE is all about setting and achieving your goals. However, setting goals can be hard and discouraging. Sometimes I get so caught up in making a list of what I want to achieve that I get overwhelmed and have to set it aside.

Thorin Klosowski’s article “Focus Your Ambitions with the Lifehacker Hierarchy of Goals” offers a new way to plan out one’s goals.

“Setting goals is easy, but prioritizing them is hard. Humans suck at properly weighing what we need to achieve our goals. We take on too much, skip steps, and often, as a result, we give up. Once you commit to a framework to prioritize your goals and cut the junk, achieving your goals gets a lot more realistic. Here’s one way to do it.”

For more details on Klosowski’s plan, check out his Lifehacker article.

Writing Exercises That Can Help Redirect Your Life


As a writer, I’m well aware of the power of the written word, but did you know that there are writing exercises that exist that are scientifically proven to help people redirect their lives?

This article from Fast Company provides a number of writing exercises to help redirect one’s life. One I thought was super interesting was an exercise that asks you to think about one of the most rewarding parts of your life-a job, a significant other-and then write about the ways it may not have happened. Definitely check out the rest of the article for more writing exercises if you’re finding yourself in a rut.



Personalized Letters Gets Personalized Responses

Want to know the secret to getting responses and positive feedback from future employers and interviewees? The answer lies in writing personalized emails and letters. Take this story and more as an inspiring example!

“I decided to send a letter to my mentor; we’re always talking over email, Skype, and phone, but this would be a nice change of pace. I updated her on my current projects, asked her how her startup was doing, and described how I was incorporating the feedback she’d recently given me.

My mentor sent a text thanking me “for the wonderful note.” I figured that was that. Then I got a package from her, containing a book she’d loved and her own hand-written letter. Now we regularly communicate by snail mail. It’s a great tradition, and it’s brought another dimension to our relationship.”

For more stories and details, check out this article by Aja Frost.

Write Like No One’s Watching


I’ve been struggling with some hardcore writer’s block, and I think I’ve finally found the root of my problem thanks to this little gem of an article. It turns out writer’s block can actually stem from the fear of being judged. When I read that I thought, that’s totally me.

One remedy for this issue is to write your first draft for you and you alone. While I feel this is an acquired mindset, it’s definitely something I’m going to work on because the way I’m writing now definitely isn’t working. I hope this helped some of you out, too!