Stop Paying For Textbooks

Being a broke college student is rough, especially when it comes time to buying books. I swear, I just begin to save up money and then BAM! I have 5 required texts I have to buy from $50-$200 a piece. Goodbye savings, hello debt.

That said, many folks out there are getting clever with their money and textbooks. Some are going to the library and praying the books they need aren’t already checked out, other rent, and others go online. You be surprised how many textbooks you can find on Google Books. However, sometimes it is helpful to have other resources at your fingertips as backup. Free Technology For Teachers has a list of online sources where teachers and students can find free texts.

Take a Walk Through MSU Museum for Free This Weekend

You have probably walked by it a million times without realizing it while walking around campus. You know that building right by Beaumont Tower, across the street from Old and the Main Library? That’s it. That’s the MSU Museum.

What’s super awesome about the MSU Museum, a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, is that it doesn’t charge admission. A donation is always appreciated though.

To be specific, the museum is located on West Circle Drive, immediately east of Beaumont Tower and just north of the Main Library. Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) buses stop within short walking distance of the MSU Museum. It is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, 10pm-5pm Saturday, and 1-5pm on Sunday. The museum is closed on University holidays and holiday weekends. So if you find yourself in that area of campus with a little free time, you should definitely stop by and check it out.