People, Upgrade Your Slideshows

Tedx Kyoto hosted a fascinating talk by Garr Reynolds about professional speaking. Professional speaking is crucial in many fields, and it turns out that most people just aren’t very good at it. Reynolds emphasizes improving your speaking skills by focusing on having compelling, useful visual communication, and presenting as much of your information as possible in the form of a narrative. Slides as we know them now are horribly weak, and presenters who rattle off lists of facts without any human context are sure to bore. Towards the end, he also links to a few great examples of other Ted talks that fulfill these goals magnificently.

He doesn’t always follow his own advice particularly well, but the talk is definitely still worth a watch or a skim.

Tell It and They Will Come

Source: “Storytelling speaks to all levels of the brain”

As a writer, one asset that I am constantly reshaping is storytelling. Writers tell stories to entertain readers and keep their engagement, and if that goal isn’t achieved the risk of losing audience is a scary thought, “yikes!” Believe it or not the same goes for businesses with relation to clients. Robert Bruce shares a unique perspective in his article on Copyblogger about applying story to salesmanship, preaching, advertising, conversation, marketing, songwriting, and blogging. These may be different categories, but they all have one thing in common – the art of storytelling. In Bruce’s article he helps us to understand that information cannot stand alone. Take a moment to understand why story and information are a complete pair, and you will notice the memorable impression it will have on your audience.

A New App To Catch Snoopers


There’s nothing better than full privacy, unfortunately with annoying siblings, nosy significant others and friends that will never be the case. If you’re suspicious that someone may be going through your smartphone or mobile computing devices; They just got Busted! The PeeperPeeper app can be your eyes when you step out of the room.

This app currently offers shortcuts for WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and LINE. PeeperPeeper catches who has been snooping on your private messages through screenshots. The PeeperPeeper app allows you to keep the convenience of having access to social media on iPhones/androids or iPad/tablets and not having to worry about meddlesome friends, families or coworkers. Lifehacker has some great information on this new app, and if it intrigues you take 5 seconds to download the PeeperPeeper app, it’s free and doesn’t take up much memory space.

Brainstorming: A Path to Creative Decision-Making

37642875Brainstorming is a great way to generate ideas. And it’s not only for writing papers or giving presentations, it’s great for meetings. If you have a meeting waiting right around the corner and you were thinking about winging it, reconsider. Lifehacker advises not to brainstorm during meetings, but instead be the golden employee and come prepared with ideas that are ready to be presented. Avoid wasting time gathering up ideas when you could be working as a team to build on the different ideas and knock out the bad ones. Another benefit to brainstorming is that it puts your team ahead of the game and results in quick and short meetings. The next time you have a meeting, instead of checking your Twitter five minutes before, pull out a sheet of paper and brainstorm great ways to identify and accomplish goals.