Search Engine Optimization Tips

So, your start-up company has recently gotten off the ground and gaining attention. Obviously, you’ll want to attract potential users to your particular product, so optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is paramount to your success.

But, is it as easy as it seems? What about the opportunity for programming pratfalls and marketing mishaps? Before you start editing your keywords and metadata, consult this list of common SEO mistakes. Even if you’re years away from establishing your own start-up or website, understanding the principles of a successful SEO is indispensable.

Control Your Facebook and Twitter History

Control Your History

As you read this blog post, there may be someone Googling information about you. What do you want them to find? That is why it’s important to clear your browsing history. Molly Wood shares a video and explains how to download and delete activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Before you begin to clean your Facebook and Twitter history, take a moment and see where you stand. If you’re concerned, Molly has some advice in the NY Times on how to take control your browsing history.

Why Use Music To Influence Your Writing

I enjoy using music to inspire my writing. The lyrics of a song can trigger your imagination and influence the way you write in so many ways. So, the next time you sit down to write find a song listen to the rhythm and let it influence the words you place on to the paper.

In the words of Melissa Muhlenkamp, author of Writing Under The Influence (of Music), “I don’t hold back the jam. Instead, I let it guide me.”

Why don’t you also give it a try? Take the challenge, and take the next fifteen minutes to write a story based on the following song, “End Of An Era” by Zack Hemsey. When you’re finished, post your practice piece in the comments section.