Writing for the Smart Phone Screen


Did you know that websites are bringing in more traffic through mobile devices and tablets than desktop and laptop computers? Well, you do now! The Guardian recently released an article focusing on this new trend in reader behavior.  In fact, during the weekends The Guardian reported their readership activity to be at 60%, all from mobile devices!

So, how much does this change in behavior matter? Quite a bit. According to The Guardian article, until recently most activity occurred during the work day, since readers were stationed at their workspaces and most of their reading was done then. Now, since the devices generating the most traffic are that of portable devices such as a cell phone or tablet, readers are experiencing greater ease with accessing their favorite websites, regardless of their location.

What changes does an author have to make, considering their content is going to be viewed from a much smaller screen than usual? There are many different things to consider when writing for a mobile device. For example, The Guardian suggests keeping the format in mind. The screens are smaller, so paying attention to the actual look of any piece you’re writing matters; making the format quickly scannable is crucial for creating a successful mobile piece. Additionally, The Guardian also stresses the importance of utilizing social media to assess your readership loyalty and to generate activity. Check out the rest of the article to learn more ways to navigate the mobile platform with ease!






Introducing Infogr.am


A part of being a Professional Writer is being able to interpret and create visual rhetoric. Infographics are a huge part of that. Infographics are just as the name implies, graphics that convey information and data. We see infographics all the time like on the weather channel, Buzzfeed, and TV series such as Girl and Guy Code. However, there is now a great site where you can make your own infographics. Join more than the 1,000,000 “data storytellers” already using https://infogr.am to create their very own infographics. Using this site you can create interactive infographics, or single charts using more than 30 chart types and 6 design themes, publish them on Infogr.am, share them on numerous social platforms, and/or embed your creations in a website.

NYT’s Dwight Garner Lists His Top 10 Books of 2014


Like most years, 2014 has passed us by quickly and with the year’s closure comes the articles rounding up the best of books, movies, TV, etc. The New York Times critic Dwight Garner, has released his top ten picks for books from 2014. Two of the titles from his list that I’m most intrigued by include:

  1. How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran
    This is a coming of age tale about a British teen who longs to reinvent herself as a rock critic and move to London. Garner explains, “It’s a British version of ‘Almost Famous,’ delivered from a female perspective and set two decades later, in the early 1990s instead of the early 1970s.”
  2. Every Day Is for the Thief by Teju Cole
    This is a fictitious tale of a Nigerian writer who returns for a short visit to Lagos, after spending 15 years in New York City. What he finds is a “a city both familiar and strange.

What titles were you most intrigued by? Did you read any of the books listed? What would be on your own top ten book list of 2014? It’s definitely a fun idea to be your own critic and make your own list and see what books were your biggest influences of the year.

If you hadn’t heard of any of the titles, hopefully a few caught your eye and were added to your own reading list. Happy reading and hope you’re having a great start to 2015!

Get the rest of the list here.

Sentence Fluency

Sentence fluency in writing is not only one of the hardest skills to understand but also one of the toughest to master. It is also a skill that should be possessed by both writers and editors alike. Sentence fluency is an ability that can be the difference between getting a positive reader response and getting the text thrown in the trash. It is more than just knowing how to write complete and grammatically correct sentences. Sentence fluency requires that the variety of sentences used flow together easily, smoothly, and even musically. That said here are some helpful tips on how to master sentence fluency. This infographic is courtesy of Smekens Education Solutions.

Sentence Fluency