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First-Year Writing Symposium 

The date for this fall’s First-Year Writing Symposium will be Friday, Dec. 1st, from 9-2.

First-Year Writing Conference

From High School to College: Discover First-Year Writing


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In the past, students have remarked that the conference is an important learning experience about culture and the diversity of MSU. Some have said:

“One thing I really liked about this was I got to learn how international students cope with culture shock”

“I learned a lot about different cultures and how hard it is for people to adjust to a new place.”

“It was a way for people to share their ideas in a unique way. It was a great learning experience. I also loved the setup—it was easy to talk to each other and to watch the videos.”

“I liked how we got to see work of other students that are outside of our classes and topics I wouldn’t necessarily research on my own.”