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FYW Resources and Services

What do I do if I would like more assistance drafting / revising my paper, or even with help working on a multi-modal project, like a video?

The Writing Center (centrally located in 300 Bessey, but also with multiple branch centers in each of the residential neighborhoods), offers individual writing conferences for students (with both drop-in and make-an-appointment options). See http://writing.msu.edu, as well as the Learning Resource Center, below.


If I’m an international student, where can I go for more help with language-related concerns about my writing?

The ESL Lab of the English Language Center (B230 Wells, 353-0800) offers individualized tutoring on writing/reading for international students; many ELC tutors are multilingual, and are able to explain cross-language differences to international students using specific information (about language structure, syntax, vocabulary, etc.) from the student’s home language.  See http://elc.msu.edu  for more details. See http://elc.msu.edu/esl-lab/.


If I’m struggling in another class, where might I go for support?

The Learning Resources Center (202 Bessey Hall, 355-2363) offers academic support (individual and group) for all subjects, including some of those more “thorny” courses in chemistry, engineering, and computer science; and general workshops on subjects like reading and comprehending science, time management, and test taking. They also provide one-on-one assistance to students working on multimodal projects.  See http://lrc.msu.edu.


Where can I go for help with a research project?

The Main Library has both 24-hour support (at 1-800-500-1554 or at Chat 24/7) and friendly Reference librarians on site, as well as a number of on-line guides and tutorials that are specifically geared to MSU courses.  See lib.msu.edu.


Where might I go if I am feeling sad or stressed out about my classes and/or personal life?

The Counseling Center (207 Student Services Building; 355-8270) offers generous walk-in hours, one-on-one counseling by appointment, wellness workshops, and many support groups (e.g., grief recovery, relationships, sexual assault, mediation, anxiety, etc.).  See http://www.counseling.msu.edu for more details.