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The Man Behind the Mic: PW Student Quin Hoffman

Quin Hoffman pic

Quin Hoffman is a junior double majoring in Professional Writing and English. He is also Head News Director at MSU’s Impact 89FM radio station. Originally joining the radio team during the Fall Semester of 2013 with a focus on writing music reviews, Quin fell in love with the news aspect of radio. When asked what he enjoys most about Impact he replied, “When I first joined the news team I had a lot of ideas, but I was afraid to say them and get judged. I like the idea that we don’t shoot ideas down, but we hone them more.” It was this collaborative attitude that eventually earned Quin a spot at the helm of Impact’s news program, Exposure.

A news program in the same vein as This American Life, Exposure is student run. Topics covered by the program range from news, both local and global, to pieces on campus clubs and sports. Recently, Quin did a show about “uncommon” majors at MSU and interviewed Prof. Danielle DeVoss about the PW program.

In order to decide on a proper focus for a piece or article, Quin and his news team get together for an hour every week and brainstorm ideas. Quin explains that the only real screening Exposure has is whether a topic is pertinent to college students.

In order to ensure that broadcasted content meets Impact’s standards, Quin relies heavily on knowledge he’s gained from PW. “Professional Writing is a major that shapes writing skills, which are essential for the work world,” he says. Quin notes that these skills help him in scenarios ranging from working effectively in a group to running a proper interview. “PW helped me get this job in the sense that it bolstered my interview and résumé-building skills.”

Although not married to a specific career path, a possible occupation for Quin could be a position in informational media. It doesn’t matter if it’s working for a large-scale employer like NPR or writing articles for organizations like Pitchfork. Quin’s only true wish is to do what he wants in a comfortable workplace environment.