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Creative Writing Club Meeting 2015
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Photo by Brittney Urich

Creative Writing Club Recap

Written by Mary Litteral


There are many different aspects to writing creatively. It can be as easy as a free write or as difficult as a novel. Along with the accomplished feelings writing can bring it can also be easy to become apathetic, self-conscious, or even overwhelmed with writing. But there are two huge things Creative Writing Club offers that negate those feelings. A place and time set aside for writing, and instantaneous feedback. Caitlin Munch, the founder of this club, wants to ensure that student writers are getting those two things and more.

“A lot of people just need that hour cut out of their day. I’ll give you an hour and you can just write,” Caitlin said.

Caitlin started the Creative Writing Club when she was looking for feedback on the novel that she has been writing. She started by searching MSU’s massive page of student organizations, but was shocked to find that among so many entries a club dedicated to creative writing just didn’t exist. After that she sought advice from the director of Professional Writing, Laura Julier, who told her about a group that met weekly off-campus, but Caitlin wanted something that was closer and more accessible to all students. So she set up a meeting with Dianna Baldwin, one of the Writing Center directors, and explained her dilemma. The Writing Center now funds all Creative Writing Club meetings and events.


The purpose of this club is to help keep writers motivated and feeling confident about their writing, by putting them within a community of like-minded individuals who are hoping to accomplish similar goals, and improve their work. Here’s what Caitlin had to say to those who might feel hesitant or nervous about sharing their work.


“My goal is that you leave Creative Writing Club and you feel like you’ve accomplished something. That you are on the right track and that you have some writing that is salvageable.You feel like you have something that’s positive. You’re never going to leave Creative Writing Club and feel like you’re a failure at writing.”


A typical meeting in the Writing Center has students either writing new content or workshopping pieces that they had completed beforehand. On workshop days, students break into small groups and rotate their work around the table for feedback and discussion. At the end of each meeting Caitlin will administer an optional prompt for students to follow and bring back the following week. Additionally, club members can give their writing to Caitlin who is willing to give additional feedback.


Club meetings are on Thursday nights from 7-9pm in the Writing Center (Bessey 300). Although if the Writing Center is closed then check a neighboring classroom (most likely 317) and you might find it there.


If you have any further questions about Creative Writing Club please direct them to Caitlin Munch, using the email munchcai@msu.edu.