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PW Mingle Recap
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Photo compilation.jpgBrittany Boza at the front desk               Laura (left), Lizzie (middle), Wajiha (right)

Photography by Sylvia Promislow

The PW and XA Mingle is that special time of year when all of the Professional Writing and Experience Architecture students gather in the writing center (300 Bessey) to meet and mingle. It’s a great chance to chat with classmates and alums, learn about study abroad opportunities, and, of course, eat cake!

The writing center is arguably one of the most interesting rooms on campus. Its walls are designed in varying shades of color that slowly crawl from the cooler side of the spectrum to the warmer, and all of the clocks resemble their own unique form of contemporary art. It has every book any writing student could possibly want or need ranging from the “Chicago Manual of Style” to books on technical and scientific writings, among other things. Plus, it’s always stocked with toys and playdough to calm the stress and nerves of the typical writing center client or consultant.

This year the front desk was covered with sign up sheets for the best event planning committees in the WRAC department. Some of those included PW Plunder, The Middle of the Mitten Music Festival, and  the yearly field trip. The front desk is also where you pick up your raffle ticket for the chance to win great prizes like a cute little fox squishable or even a giant peacock.

The Mingle is also the best place to get the jump on upcoming study abroad opportunities in the WRAC department. This year featured an internship abroad in London with Stuart Blythe called Creative People and Places. The other study abroad program that will be offered is called Culture and Storytelling with the two XA and PW ladies, Laura Julier and Liza Potts. It will take place in the UK as well as in Ireland. The Mingle is also an excellent chance to meet with past participants in the London and Paris study abroad series. They usually have heaps of great personal stories and experiences to share and are always willing to talk to prospective students with dreams of traveling abroad.

As always, the food at this event was fantastic. There were sandwiches, an assortment of snacks, pop, capris sun, and four different chocolate cakes! Four!

In the far corner was the Solve. Collaborate. Investigate. (SCI) team also known as MSU’s interdisciplinary science magazine. If you want to learn more about them and the opportunities that they offer check out their website or find them on Tumblr. http://www.scimsu.com/ http://scimsu.tumblr.com/.

Stay tuned for upcoming competitions, events, and awesome journal publications. Follow WRAC on Twitter and Facebook for more updates from Bessey Hall.

PW students:

If you are not on the Listserve already get into contact with Marsha Edington, at  edington@msu.edu, for email updates on events and plenty of great job opportunities.