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Meet Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

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Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson recently earned her PhD from the Rhetoric and Writing Program. Jennifer’s dissertation focuses on the professional culture of independent authors. In particular, she looks at ways in which undergraduate curriculum in majors such as Professional Writing could be enhanced to better prepare students to participate in this culture as freelance writers and editors.

During her time as a PhD student, she taught WRA 110 Writing: Science and Technology, WRA 150 Writing: Evolution of American Thought, WRA 471 Advanced Editing and Publishing, as well as a creative nonfiction course in the English department.

During her time at MSU, Jennifer has been involved with several different organizations, including the Cultural Rhetorics Theory Lab and the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC). She also served the university as a member of the College Curriculum Committee and as a Writing Coach with the Drew Scholars Program.

Jennifer plans to stay in academia. “I am hoping to teach at a university somewhere that allows me to continue my research and interact with a diverse culture of students,” she said.

When asked what she enjoyed most about her time in WRAC, Jennifer replied, “Being able to engage with progressive-thinking scholars who are not only taking new steps in the field to be more inclusive for culture and diversity, but are able to see things at the ground level, specifically how pedagogies and theories are built.”

Photograph by Jack Gould
Written for WRAC by Jack Gould