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First-Year Writing Symposium

One of our interns attended the Fall First-Year Writing Symposium and got to talk to some incredible faculty and students about their projects. Don't miss the Spring Symposium April 22nd, 2016! 


A Digital Rhetorician goes to AoIR

In our first installment of our Communications Team Editorials, Les Hutchinson describes her first time attending the Association of Internet Researchers Conference. Read about her experience and why she thinks more cultural rhetoricians should attend. 

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WRA 370: Intro to Grammar and Editing 

Interested in the Professional Writing editing and publishing track or just want to take an elective to improve your grammar? This article is an insight into what the Introduction to Grammar and Editing class looks like and the type of work students do there.


Meet John Gagnon

Meet another one of our awesome grad students who is interested in human rights rhetoric, has a background working with the US government, and is a die-hard Cubs fan. Read here!



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WRA891: Academic Memoirs Across Media

This semester, WRAC offered a special topics graduate class that focused on crafting academic memoirs taught by the wonderful Alex Hidalgo. Read here!

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