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AdCon Recap

Are you interested in learning more about the advertising industry, but don't know where to begin? Do you have a knack for public relations, but have trouble visualizing your future? Check out this recap of the Advertising and PR Conference hosted by AdCraft in Detroit at the beginning of November here!


Meet Alexandra Hidalgo

Meet Alexandra Hidalgo, a faculty member in WRAC with a uniquely diverse upbringing and a passion for visual rhetorical and filmmaking. Read more here!


Meet Elise Page Dixon 

Meet Elise a PhD student at Michigan State University. Read more to learn about her unique experiences, what she's studying, and how she got here.

Radio Struggle Comic_Fin1.jpg

Tales of the Commuter: Commuter Girl in Radio Struggle

Tales of the Commuter is an ongoing comic series that shows the common struggles one can face if they are commuting to MSU. In this episode commuter girl decides to start listening to the radio and makes an annoying discovery. 


The Creative Writing Club Meets Up

Read up on what the Creative Writing Club has been doing and learn more about your own creative writing!

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