Social Media Will Help Boost Your Design Careers

by | Posted July 17th, 2013

Creative Bloq posted a list of the top 25 things designers can do to boost their design career by using social media. With social media growing in popularity and becoming a fast and easy way to network and show off your creative skills, it is essential that designers looking to break into the field understand the do’s and don’t’s and the best ways to come off both professionally and creatively.

Behance is an online portfolio site that will showcase your work and allow you to interact with other designers.

One recommendation was to Present Your Portfolio. This means your online portfolio is a must and it must showcase your best work, as well. “If the images can’t tell the full story of your creative genius, then provide commentary and context to explain why you’re so awesome.”

Other recommendations are to Follow People Who Follow People because the better and more connected your social network is, the more job opportunities could arise; also, Emulate Your Idols, or do what the people you aspire to be like do with their social media profile. They must be doing something right!

Connect your social media profiles together using IFTTT.

Updating your profile constantly is a must as it’s “part of the marketing mix and should make it abundantly clear that you’re awesome and should be hired immediately,” and finally, Ignore the Idiots. In the world of social media, it’s easy to be anonymous and say things you wouldn’t normally say to a person face-to-face. It might be difficult to ignore, but they will eventually go away if you don’t provoke them because they see that you are doing better things with your life that does not involve taking the time to type out a curt response.