Trello, a Free Digital “To Do” List and Project Planner

by | Posted March 31st, 2013

If you’re anything like us, you have many different things going on in life that you need to keep track of. As students, faculty, and active members of the community, it seems like there’s always something lined up on that “To Do” list. One crafty and helpful way to stay organized is through the free website, Trello.

Categorized into cards on boards—which, essentially, are simply lists—you can easily move tasks and items around, depending on when you need them done and what list you prefer. What sets this apart from just being a digital notebook is the fact that you can share boards with other people, making it an invaluable tool when working in a team or group situation. For example, if you’re organizing a fundraiser, you can create separate boards for keeping track of entertainment, food, and location. Within those boards, you can form lists on the cards, and then assign team members to certain tasks by adding their name and icon to that card. For a more detailed explanation, check out the video below.

Here on the WRAC Communications Team we use Trello to track web content and projects. We’re able to communicate about these projects with one another in a centralized location, while also sharing necessary documents. Whether it’s organizing events, coordinating team projects, or even keeping track of your own daily lists of things to be done, Trello has proved itself to be an excellent free resource to help you stay on top of things.