From Laughing Squid: “The Art of Creative Coding”

by | Posted February 15th, 2013

Coding isn’t something that only happens when building a website. It can also be used to put video content on a 120-foot-wide film wall, create clothing, or for data visualizations. Programming has expanded into helping create art.

Code designers working with Processing, the open source programming platform, say of creative coders: “They’re not setting out to solve a problem; they’re setting out to express themselves.” It’s about building art with different tools–or in this case, programs–using a new language: coding.

“There isn’t this need for formal computer science rigor, where you have to understand how every bit of line of code works. It’s fine to just try to learn about how things work through doing.” Creative coding is just as much about learning from the process as it is about the final product. Learn more in the video below about the innovative ways coding is being used.