PW Creates Brochure for Ugandan Community Partner

by | Posted November 22nd, 2011

Last semester, student teams in WRA 380 Managing Large-Scale Publications developed informational fundraising brochures for the Bagwere Kusetuka Association, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in eastern Uganda. The organization’s director, Dr. Paul, eventually chose one—seen below—a document he would not have had the time or resources to produce on his own.

Professional Writing students who created the winning brochure included Abbi Lynch (PW sophomore), Kim Toman (PW alumna, 2011), Brianna Ritivoy (PW alumna, 2011), Kelsey Beachum (PW senior), and Mary Davidson (PW senior); each student was assigned to one of the following roles: writer, designer, copy-editor, project manager, or assistant project manager, and all worked together as a team to bring the project to completion.

The intention of the brochure was to raise awareness about the charity throughout English-speaking countries, to encourage donation, and to provide information and further resources about volunteering. Additionally, while this was the first major project for the class, the students adapted quickly to working within teams. “You genuinely had to rely on everyone you were working with, and I was incredibly fortunate to be working with immensely talented students,” said Beachum.

The class was faced with many challenges when completing this project including communication issues that arose due to geographic distance, and the client’s inability to access the Internet due to the civil uprisings in Uganda. However, in the end, the students were still able to complete the project with great success and present Dr. Paul with excellent final products. “He was absolutely thrilled with the results, and was overwhelmed by the students’ professionalism,” said Lorelei Blackburn, the course instructor.

Since spring, WRAC has been able to set aside the funds necessary to cover printing costs, and Blackburn is planning on sending brochures back to Uganda as soon as possible.