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XA Student Kate Whalen Spends Summer Interning with Ford

Kate Whalen describes what learned about design and accessibility from her internship with Ford's user experience team in Dearborn, MI.


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PWer Sean Vichinsky Spends His Summer Interning with PR Agency in New York

Sean Vichinsky describes his experience as an intern with Macias PR in New York City and the variety of projects he completed.

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Cultural Rhetorics 2018 Recap

The 2018 Cultural Rhetorics Conference offered a variety of presentations, roundtables, make-in sessions, and performances, and once again fostered conversation and collaboration.

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On the Road: Grand Rapids Recap

Andrea Mackey reports on her experience participating in CAL's "On the Road: Grand Rapids" event and tips on networking and professional development.
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An Interview with PW and Law School Alum Simon Zagata

Simon Zagata, recent graduate from William and Mary Law School and PW alumnus, answers a few questions regarding his latest accomplishments, insights, and changes since graduating.

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Meet Liza Potts

Professor Liza Potts discusses her work with the experience architecture program, research, and Sherlockian.net.

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Meet Anna Gamelo

XAer and gymnast Anna Gamelo describes how her major and sport have both provided her with valuable life skills.

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Meet Caroline Poole

Caroline Poole, 2017 PW graduate, describes how she has been applying her skills in communication, rhetorical analysis, and project management in the nonprofit sector.

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Meet Maggie Morgan

PWer Maggie Morgan describes how she turned a personal passion into a successful music blog.
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Meet Jonnie Rozin

Jonnie Rozin describes the creation of his mobile app, Squeel, and how the experience architecture major made such a project possible.

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