Headshot of a woman with shoulder-length dark hair

Yuanfang Dai

Assistant Professor
Core Faculty and Faculty Fellow at Center for Gender in Global Context
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Office: 268 Bessey Hall
Email: daiyuanf@msu.edu
Website: daiyuanf.msu.domains

Research Areas

Feminist Philosophy, Cultural Rhetorics, Feminist Bioethics


Yuanfang Dai’s research areas include feminist philosophy, social and political philosophy, ethics, and cultural studies. She is currently working on a monograph tentatively titled Chinese Feminist Philosophy in a Transcultural Context.


Ph.D Philosophy, Michigan State University

Ph.D Philosophy, Peking University, China

Representative Work

Dai, Yuanfang. 2020. Transcultural Feminist Philosophy: Rethinking Difference and Solidarity through Chinese-American Encounters. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498564816/Transcultural-Feminist-Philosophy-Rethinking-Difference-and-Solidarity-through-Chinese-–-American-Encounters

Sample Courses Taught

WRA 101: Writing as Inquiry

WRA 1004: Preparation for College Writing

PHL 200: Introduction to Philosophy

PHL 344: Medical Issues in Health Care

PHL 356: Philosophical Aspects in Feminism

PHL 358: Philosophy, Gender, and Global Development

HM 546: Social Context of Clinical Decisions Ethics

WS 202: Introduction to Contemporary Feminisms

WS 403: Women and Change in Developing Countries

IAH 201: United States and the World: From Isolation to Global Community

IAH 206: Self, Society, and Technology