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Jill McKay Chrobak

Assistant Professor
Office: 284 Bessey Hall

Research Areas

Cultural Rhetorics, Hip Hop Pedagogies, Student-Centered Pedagogies


Jill McKay Chrobak is an Assistant Professor and Graduate Faculty in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures at Michigan State University as well as the 2018 Co-Chair of the Cultural Rhetorics Conference. Her research interests are rooted in the intersections of cultural rhetorics, Hip Hop pedagogies and student-centered learning and she is currently working on a co-authored article with Qwo-Li Driskill on integrating Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies in FYW. Chrobak’s article “The struggle is real: Whiteness studies, Hip Hop pedagogies and rhetorics of white privilege” will be published in the upcoming edition of constellations: a cultural rhetorics publishing space. Chrobak utilizes Hip Hop, cultural rhetorics and other non-traditional texts in her composition pedagogy to foster a socially conscious writing community in her classroom. Her greatest goal is to get students invested in becoming effective rhetoricians who will use those skills to enact real and lasting social change.


B.A. in International Relations (James Madison College) and Japanese, MSU
M.A. in Adult Language Learning, MSU
PhD in Rhetoric and Writing, MSU

Representative Work

“The struggle is real: Whiteness studies, Hip Hop pedagogies and rhetorics of white privilege.” Forthcoming in constellations: a cultural rhetorics publishing space. 2018.

“Stay Woke: Practicing Cultural Rhetorics in First Year Writing”. Accepted to Cultural Rhetorics Conference. East Lansing, MI. November 2018.

“Voices of the real: What students really think about service learning projects in first year writing”. CCCC. Kansas City, MO. March 2018.

“We don’t just rap about it; we lived it”: Hip Hop Feminist Rhetoricians as Agents of Social Justice and Civic Engagement in First Year Writing. Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s). Dayton, OH. October, 2017

“Visual Rhetoric: Reading the world around you” in Grizz Writes: A Guide to First-Year Writing at Oakland University, edited by Lori Ostergaard. Fountainhead Press. 2013

“Community Literacies: A Reflection on Teaching and Learning in a Graduate Class” with Ellen Cushman, Jeffrey T. Grabill, Michele Fero, Jason Wirtz & Deb VanDuinen. Community Literacy Journal, Issue 1, Volume 2: p.81-96, 2006.