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Cultures & Storytelling

Even Years (2016, 2018, etc.)

Do you like to tell stories? Do you like stories from other cultures? Mythical ones like King Arthur? Science fiction like Doctor Who? Fictional adventures like Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter? Historical stories like William Wallace (Braveheart) or the 1916 Easter Uprising? We’re going to spend three weeks learning how people tell stories about their cultures—both real and imagined—and how those stories shape the ways people communicate. We will travel across Ireland, England, and Wales to learn how locals and tourists experience the tales, myths, and real life events in modern times. Students will gain stronger understandings of how culture and context is central to the ways we create, experience, and innovate as writers, designers, researchers, and architects.

We will visit spaces such as Stonehenge, view the The Book of Kells, travel to the Doctor Who Experience, view a simulation of the Solstice inside the ancient site New Grange outside of Dublin, walk in the imagined footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, take in a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London, and contemplate King Arthur’s realm at Glastonbury Tor.

This program is designed for Professional Writing and Experience Architecture students, as well as students from other programs looking to learn more about storytelling, cultures, and experiences. The courses are aimed at these majors, aiding them in time to degree. 

What other students have said:

"I’m convinced that, because of study abroad programs, I am a more attentive student, a more thoughtful observer, and a more globalized and independent person.

"I gained confidence that I could work and get along and work with others, even in a culturally diverse setting.

"Parents might also value knowing that I've never felt so safe. With the Palestinian protests going on while we were in Paris, I got every alert, every word of caution, and every bit of protection I would have thought possible from Liza, MSU, and the people working with us in France."

Courses for this Study Abroad

If you have taken these courses already, come speak with Professor Stuart Blythe about other options that will work for you.

WRA 260

This course focuses on rhetorical analysis of consumer, corporate, organizational, and popular cultures appropriate to professional settings.

WRA 499 International Research

This course consists of a supervised research experience.