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The Professional Writing major focuses on connecting classroom learning to professional experiences. Most PW majors complete at least two internships, typically during their junior and senior years after completing the PW core courses. Many students actually complete three or more high-value internships before they graduate.

PW courses provide students with skills and knowledge that make them competitive for a wide range of internships, literally all around the world. These internship experiences might last an entire semester or be project-based; they might be based in East Lansing, New York City, London, or be conducted online; they might involve working for a local nonprofit organization, an international publishing company, or a startup design firm. Many PW internships are paid.

What do PWers actually do in their internships? Here's a short list of recent job titles for PW interns:

Communication and Development Intern
Content Management Intern
Copy Editor
Design Intern
Digital Marketing Intern
Editorial Intern
Graphic Design Intern
Marketing Intern
PR Intern
Social Media Intern
Technical Writing Intern
Video Production Intern
Web Development Intern
Writing Intern

The PW program maintains a strong network of alums who share experiences and contacts. Dr. Jonathan Ritz, a PW faculty member who serves as an academic and professional advisor, is also the PW internship education coordinator. Every semester he offers workshops and one-on-one advising to help connect PW students to the best available internship opportunities. More information about internship opportunities can also be discovered by contacting Victoria Morris: morrisvi@msu.edu