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Writing For College


Whether it is because the professor didn’t give you enough description of what they are looking for, assigned a dull topic or prompt, you can’t find any research, or you just have another two papers due within a couple days of each other, no one enjoys writing papers. This is especially true in college. Now, writing papers is not something I can help you make disappear. However, here are some great tips I found that make writing them so much easier.

Get a planner. Whether you have four days, two weeks or a month to write a paper, make a timeline keep track of every step. This organization is one less thing clouding your brain as you write.

Find lots of resources. It’s better to have more information than you have room for in your paper rather than to have to continuously go searching for more information.

Make an outline. Many people think that outlines are for children just learning to write, but that isn’t true at all. Outlines are for everyone. They help writers on every level.

Keep track of what you do. Not only is this good for making sure you have everything, but it also helps to give you a motivating visual of your progress.

Have someone else read your paper. Really, it makes a world of difference. One of two things will happen. Your friend reads your paper and gives it the thumbs up and you gain confidence as a writer or your friend asks you clarifying questions, you fix your essay, and you get a better grade. It’s win-win.

Don’t procrastinate. Despite what you may think, you really don’t write your best under pressure.

For more information and tips, check out http://blarouche.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/tips-for-writing-a-college-paper/.