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How to Start a Blog

As Professional Writers, we discuss blogs in almost every WRA class. Whether it is through analyzing the textual, visual, and audio content or the understanding programming behind it. However, despite our in class discussions on blogs, I still feel a little weary of starting my own. Because of my interest in blogging, I did some further research and found this website. It does an amazing job was walking you through the steps of creating and maintains a successful blog. As a quick preview, I summarized the following from the site’s list that explains how to get a started on blogging.

Idea: Even though you will probably change it completely, or at least refine it, later you should still have a general idea of what you would like to blog about. There are blogs out there for just about everything from parenting to fashion. However, you should really consider who your audience is before you choose a topic.

Platform: To create a blog you will need a platform to blog on. The two main ones are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is run by google and you can host a blog there for free. In contrast, you can purchase a domain via WordPress.

Domain & Hosting: Come up with a good name for your blog and invest in a domain and host. Remember, you want it to be easy for readers to remember, find, and is something you will be able to live with for an extended period of time.

Putting It All Together: Once you’ve done all this, you are almost ready to go. Now you just need to build your blog. You can do this yourself or by hiring another person.

To find out more about blogging and how to do it successfully, go to Crazy Little Projects.