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Naomi Sweo

MA CSLP Student

Office: 281 Bessey Hall

Email: naomisweo@gmail.com




Research Areas

Feminist epistemologies and methodologies, sexuality studies, memoir and nonfiction writing, digital and visual rhetorics, multimodal pedagogy


As a researcher, I'm invested in feminist methodologies and epistemologies. This is a current that runs throughout everything I do, whether it be a research project or just livin' life. I'm currently producing Audia: A Feminist Podcast with Brooke Chambers, in which we discuss research stories and origins with other feminist scholars.

I am also a nonfiction writer—or, I should say, first and foremost a writer—and particularly interested in representations of sexuality in memoir. My academic memoir "Woman in Relation: On Sisterhood, Self, and Marriage" is under review for publication.

In my pre-academia life, I worked in publishing and ran a digital science fiction writing competition for Intel, so digital and visual rhetorics are ways I analyze and interact with the world. Multimodality figures prominently in my teaching, as well as my learning. I'm currently teaching WRA 101: First-Year Writing. Previously, I held the position of Media Coordinator for the MSU Writing Center, where I wrangled our content creation team (affectionately known as the Content Koalas), implemented our social media strategy, and kept the site lookin’ fresh.