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Les Hutchinson

PhD Candidate

Office: 267 Bessey Hall

Email: hutch220@msu.edu

Twitter: @techairos





Research Areas

 Digital and cultural rhetorics, Intellectual property, surveillance, piracy, & privacy


Les currently studies how intellectual property and surveillance rhetorically affect users in social media spaces. She approaches her work through a dedication to ethical research methods when researching a motherhood community in Instagram. Her prior scholarship includes analyses of hacktivism, doxing, and queer identities in Twitter. Les also engages in local community organizing with the Michigan Indígena/Chicanx Community Alliance (MICCA) where she co-organizes annual community events that promote Indigenous and Chicanx cultural practices. You can find her teaching in WRAC’s First-Year Writing and Professional Writing programs or online.

Representative Work

Hutchinson, L. (near press). “Writing to Have No Face: The Queer Orientation of Anonymity in Twitter.” Social Writing/Social Media: Pedagogy, presentation, and publics. Walls, D. M., & Vie, S. (Eds.) Social writing/social media. 32 ms. Pages. WAC Clearinghouse Perspectives on Writing book series/Parlor Press.

Hutchinson, L. (in progress). “Wielding Power and Doxing Data: The Belief in the Personal and the Seizure of our Online Documents.” Routledge Companion to Digital Writing & Rhetoric. Alexander, J. & Rhodes, J. (Eds.). Under contract at Routledge.

Hutchinson, L. (in progress). “Working with Loss: An Academic Memoir about Evoking the Act of Memorializing.” Pixelating the Self: Digital Feminist Memoirs. Hidalgo, A (Ed.). A digital edited collection for Intermezzo.

Hutchinson, L. (2016). “Mother/Student/Professor: Single Motherhood in Academic Spaces.” Presentation of paper at Cultural Rhetorics Conference. East Lansing, Michigan.

Hutchinson, L. (2016). “Protesting without the Body: The Ontology of Digital Activist Assemblages.” Presentation of paper at Cultural Rhetorics Conference. East Lansing, Michigan. Hutchinson, L. & Faison, W. (February 2016). Microaggressions in Academic Spaces. Workshop for faculty and graduate students. Michigan State University.

Hutchinson, L. (2016). “Ethics of Persuasion and Surveillance: The Rhetoric of Intelligence Gatherers.” Presentation of paper at Rhetoric Society of America. Atlanta, Georgia.

Beck, E. and Hutchinson, L. (October 2015). “Making Ethical Decisions: Seeing Twitter Bots as (Non) ‘Human Subjects’ when Including Them as Research Participants.” Co-presentation of paper at Association of Internet Researchers. Phoenix, Arizona.

Beck, E. and Hutchinson, L. (October 2015). “Teaching Surveillance and Privacy Protection in Writing Classrooms.” WIDE-EMU. Michigan State University. East Lansing, Michigan.

Hutchinson, L. (June 2014). “Writing to Have No Face: The Emergence of Anonymity in Twitter.” Presentation of Paper at Computers and Writing. Washington State University. Pullman, Washington.

Hutchinson, L. (Nov. 2013). “Doxing with Persuasion: The Rhetorical Enculturation of Our Online Documents.” Presentation of paper at Making Meaning: Language, Rhetoric, and Enculturation. University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Hutchinson, L. (Oct. 2012).“Who Are We in What We Do? : Questioning the Practice of Identity through Tutoring.” Presentation of paper at the International Writing Centers Association Conference (IWCA), Lines in the Sand. San Diego, California.

Hutchinson, L. (2012). “Social Activist Rhetoric and the Discursive Occupy.” Presentation of paper at (dis)junctions. University of California, Riverside. Riverside, California.

Hutchinson, L. (2012). “A Place Where Writing Happens.” Multi-media presentation of paper at the Southern California Writing Centers Association: Writing Tutors Conference. Azusa Pacific University. Azusa, California.

Awards and Recognitions

University Enrichment Fellow. (2014-2019). Michigan State University.
HASTAC Scholar. (2014-2015). Michigan State University.
Rayburn Award for Outstanding Thesis. (Spring 2013). California State University, San Bernardino.