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Erin Schaefer
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I am interested in the intersections of storytelling, culture, and emotion. My goal is to understand what allows us to work with their stories in a more open, fluid way. That is, how can we be flexible in working with our stories - our worldview? How can we in a sense, grow our stories with new perspectives, rather than defending our current ways of seeing? In addition to connecting individual stories to larger cultural stories, I am interested in how fear plays into our construction of stories, and productive/unproductive ways of responding to fear in and outside of the classroom. My exploration of how we frame emotions connects with my investigations of mental health and trauma rhetorics and identity.

I am also interested in how digital technologies can act as tools for communication about and reflection of narratives. Although I have mostly used video and interactive educational materials in the classroom to facilitate these activities, I am interested in branching out to learn about how digital apps and narrative archives might allow for different kinds of conversations and reflections. My research often asks questions about how different technologies shape our experiences of our stories, and what kinds of elements each technology reveals to us. For instance, how might live interviews about students’ literacy narratives make students aware of the emotional experiences differently than writing these literacy narratives?

Current Email:erinschaefer9@gmail.com