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Brooke Chambers

MA CSLP Student

Office: Bessey Hall

Email: chamb333@msu.edu

Twitter: @brookechamb3rs

Research Areas

Sonic Rhetoric, Embodiment, Memoir, Digital Humanities, Oral History, Cultural Rhetorics


I'm primarily doing work in sonic rhetoric and feminist ways of making. I wonder about ethical sound design practices and how many assumptions are made when editing recorded sound/voice. I'm also interested in soundscapes and listening practices, especially as it is tied to culture.

Representative Work

National Conference Presentations
“Remixing Audio Archives: Manipulating Relationships and Time to Understand Cultural Values.” Cultural Rhetorics Conference, East Lansing, October 2016.

“Fostering Sonic Spaces: Speaking and Listening Back.” Computers and Writing, Rochester, May 2016.

Regional Conference Presentations
“Sound Pedagogies in First-Year Writing Classrooms.” WIDE Emu, East Lansing, October 2015.

Awards and Recognitions

CAL Digital Humanities Award
CAL Research Enrichment Fellowship
WRAC Travel Funding

Research or Academic Affiliations

Digital Humanities