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Jay McClintick
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Jay McClintick

MA CSLP Student

Office: 281 Bessey Hall

Email: jemcclintick@gmail.com

Website: birdspiledloosely.com

Research Areas

FYW Pedagogy and building Student centered civic engagement on campus, cultural rhetorics, epideictic rhetorics, narrative work as academic work, memoir, community literacy, social activism, digital composition, queer rhetorics, pedagogy as activism


Jay McClintick is very interested in ways of ethically teaching and moving students toward a more critical awareness of their place in their broader community and how they can move to shape that space for the better. Jay has spent some time volunteering for activist organizations like Easter Farm Workers Association, and they are very interested in activists movements and the way they manifest online and offline, the affordances for both, and how we can organize and mobilize student bodies in a contemporary, fractured for profit college environment.

They will always feel at odds with the academy and that's fine. They went to three different schools about 1000 miles away from each other to complete his undergraduate degree, and they hope to God that they don't have to do that for their masters.

They are interested in turning sites of alienation into sites of productive social action. They see writing as a way to disrupt oppressive forces and intervene on our lives, as the key step to move from reacting to problems to acting on problems. Someone thought it was a good idea to let them teach First Year Writing, so they try to bring these ideas to the classroom. They run the press Birds Piled Loosely, which produces an online magazine three times a year and three physical chapbooks once a year. They have had work published in anthologies, journals, and presses like The Queer South: Essays and Poems, The Offing, Hawai'i Pacific Review, Banango Street, Your Impossible Voice, Paper Nautilus Press, and others. All these works are published under pseudonyms so, uh, don't bother looking for them.

Representative Work

 Co-founder and Co-owner of Birds Piled Loosely Press