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Terri Trupiano Berry
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Research Interests:

Writing in the Sciences


Terri Trupiano Barry, Dr. B to her students, first encountered her passion for scientific writing as a research assistant, working with graduate students in the sciences. An assistant professor in WRAC, Terri teaches first-year composition to science majors. She is committed to helping students achieve their potential in first-year composition, which she has been teaching since 1986. Terri is also dedicated to working with faculty to improve writing in disciplinary courses. To accomplish that goal, in 2008 she designed a week-long faculty workshop for incorporating writing into disciplinary courses that continues to be offered on a regular basis at MSU.

Representative Work

“Designing Effective Writing Assignments for Students in the Animal Sciences,” with M.W. Orth. Natural Sciences Education 42:1-8. doi:10.4195/nse.2011.00002.
A Student Guide: Reading, Writing, and Researching in the Sciences, with D Carmichael, M. Davis, R. J. Durding, G. M. Hill, and M. Orth. Great River Technologies, 2012.