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Fraiberg_Steve.jpgResearch Interests: Globalization in Higher Education and Workplaces, Startup Entrepreneurs and Innovation Systems, Composition Studies, Multi/Translingualism


Profile: My research broadly attends to literacy, mobility, and globalization. Grounded in ethnographic and sociocultural traditions, I have two research strands at the moment. The first attends to the global spread of English within Israeli society and the ways that it is being taken up in classroom, community, and, most extensively, workplace contexts. My scholarship in this area includes research on startup entrepreneurs and innovation systems in the Israeli high-tech industry. Second, I am involved in studying global shifts in higher education. More specifically, I am engaged in completing a book length manuscript (contracted by Utah State University Press) with two colleagues on the ways the social, linguistic, and cultural landscape in U.S. higher education is being reshaped by the rapid influx of Chinese international students. More specifically, I am examining the enculturation of the Chinese student population at Michigan State University by tracing their literacy practices across academic and non-academic spaces in digital and non-digital environments.
Representative Work
“Startup Nation: Studying Transnational Entrepreneurial Practices in Israel’s Startup Ecosystem.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication. (2017). (in press).
“Pretty Bullets: Tracing Transmedia/Translingual Literacies of an Israeli Soldier across Regimes of Practice.” College Composition and Communication. (in press).
“Weaving Relationship Webs: Tracing how IMing Practices Mediate the Trajectories of Chinese International Students.” (Co-authored with Xiaowei Cui). Computers and Composition. 39.1. (2016): 83-103.
"Outsmarting the Nation, Together: Subversive Virtual Fraternity in the Israeli Men’s Magazine Blazer." Israel Studies Review. (Co-authored with Danny Kaplan). 30.1 (2015).
 “Re-assembling Technical Communication: Mapping out a Framework for Studying Multilingual-Multimodal Practices in the Context of Globalization.” Technical Communication Quarterly. 22.1 (2013).
“Composition 2.0: Toward a Multilingual and Multimodal Framework.” College Composition and Communication. 62.1 (2010): 100-126. Print. (reprinted in Multimodal Composition: A Critical Sourcebook, March 2013, published by Bedford St. Martin’s Press)
“Military Mashups: Remixing Literacy Practices.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric Technology, and Pedagogy. 14.3 (2010). Web.