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Michael Ristich
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Michael Ristich

Academic Specialist

Graduate Faculty

Office: 269 Bessey

Email: ristich@msu.edu

Twitter: @mjristich

WeChat: Mikejr16

Research Areas

Rhetorical Theory, Critical Theory, Pedagogy, Radical Politics


I teach in the First-Year Writing Program and Citizen Scholar Programs. In addition to researching curriculum design and effective teaching, my work focuses on the intersections of rhetorical and critical theory.


Ph.D., English (Rhetoric and Composition), Wayne State University, 2013.
B.A. in English, Western Michigan University, 2005.

Representative Work

“Scholarship of Teaching and Learning as Rhetorical Commonplace for Non-Tenure Track Faculty.” The Council of Writing Program Administrators 2017 Conference, Knoxville, TN, July 2017.

“Creating a ‘Transcritical Classroom.” 2017 Teaching and Learning Spring Conference, East Lansing, MI, May 2017.

“Making the Case for Metacognition in the Classroom.” The Wayne State University Teaching of Writing Conference, Detroit, MI, September 2016.

“The Classroom as Site of ‘Transcritical Exchange.’” The Eleventh Biennial Thomas R. Watson Conference, Louisville, KY, October 2016.

“On Being Insistent: Rancière, the Ontological Turn, and the Rhetoric of Theory Today.” The 17th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Atlanta, GA, May 2016. Co-presented with Dr. Jeff Pruchnic.

“Rhetoric, Imagination, and the Inability to Feel the Pain of Others.” 2014 Cultural Rhetorics Conference, East Lansing, MI, December, 2014.

“Against Empathy: Defining, Encouraging, and Enacting Rhetorical Sympathy.” The Tenth Biennial Thomas R. Watson Conference, Louisville, KY, October, 2014.

“‘I'm an American’: Edward Snowden, Borders, Rhetorical ‘Dissensus.’” The 16th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, San Antonio, TX, May 2014.

“Imagining Collectivity in the ‘Postnatural’ Age: Rhetoric, Sympathy, and Radical Ecology.” The 27th Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN, October 2013.

“What’s Right with the Left and Left of the Right?: Tea Party Rhetoric and the Future of Radical Politics.” The 10th Annual Conference in Citizenship Studies, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, March 2013.

"Anarchist Sympathies: Benjamin Tucker, Rhetoric, and the End(s) of Anarchism.” Fourth Annual North American Anarchist Studies Conference, New Orleans, LA, January 2013.

“Anarchism, Rhetoric, and the Politics of the Spanish Popular Front.” The 15th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Philadelphia, PA, May, 2012.

Sample Courses Taught

AL 110: “Writing and Civic Life”
WRA 1004/0102: “Preparation for College Writing”
WRA 110: “Science and Technology”
WRA 115: “Law and Justice in America”
WRA 130: “Radical Thought in America”
WRA 150: “The Evolution of American Thought”
IAH 206: Artificial Intelligence as "Liberatory Technology"

Academic or Research Affiliations 

Citizen Scholar Program

2016-217 Fellow, Walter and Pauline Adams Academy for Instructional Excellence and Innovation, Michigan State University