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Lorelei Blackburn
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Lorelei Blackburn


Office: 163 Bessey Hall

Email: lorelei@msu.edu

Research Areas

Disability Studies, Accessibility, Community-Engaged Learning, Pedagogy


I am trained in rhetoric, writing, and pedagogy. In my 10 years of teaching, I have taught first-year writing; professional and business writing; technical writing; academic writing for adults; American culture for international students; and ESL and EFL writing. I have taught classes domestically, online, and in Africa, the Middle East, and the Caucuses, to both native speakers and to ESL/EFL students.

Current research projects

“Toward a Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Using a trauma-informed approach to create accessible and inclusive learning spaces for trauma- and conflict-affected students.” This project researches how trauma-informed care can offer a framework upon which effective pedagogy can be built to help educators create accessible and inclusive learning environments in which trauma-affected students can learn.


BA English major, Spanish minor from Purdue University
MA Writing and Rhetoric from DePaul University

Representative Work

Blackburn, Lorelei, and Ellen Cushman. "Service Learning and Distance: Sustainability in Traditional and Organic Service-Learning Relationships." Service-Learning in Literacy Education: Possibilities for Teacher Educators. Eds. Peter Smagorinsky and Valerie Kinloch. 2014. Print

Blackburn, Lorelei, and Ellen Cushman. "Assessing Sustainability: The Class that Went Terribly Wrong." Unsustainable: Owning Our Best, Short-Lived Efforts at Community Writing Work. Eds. Jessica Restaino and Laurie Cella. 2012. Print.

"Practical Pedagogy: Using A Trauma-Informed Approach To Teach Traumatized Students." International Journal of Arts and Sciences' (IJAS) Multidisciplinary Conference, Florence, Italy. 16 June, 2015.

"Traumatized Students: A practical approach to classroom teaching." Liberal Arts International Conference, Doha, Qatar. 3 February, 2015.

"Sustaining and Developing MENA Regional Writing Centers: A Participatory Workshop/Discussion." Middle East-North Africa Writing Centers Alliance (MENAWCA), Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 7 November, 2014.

Selected Courses Taught

WRA 101
WRA 135
WRA 150
WRA 380