Writing Killer Sentences

Sentences. The building blocks of every work of copywriting ever made. Writers are often advised how to work on their craft on a structural level (organization, format, genre) but the detailed work that goes into the crafting of a sentence is sometimes overlooked. A work with impeccable organization will shine, but a work with impeccable organization and beautiful sentence structure will blow people away. So practice crafting a sentence. Practice inserting facts, evoking emotion, creating imagery, and making promises with your writing. And check out copyblogger to find more on how to work through each of those steps.

Avoid Copyediting That Can Lead To Design Issues

It’s rare for originality to pass by nowadays. Instead new writers take old products and remix them for new advertisements, which is a form copyediting. I’m not saying there is something wrong with this approach, but be careful not to be a victim of a design issue. Sam Wright from Smashing Magazine shares his knowledge on this matter. He offers multiple tips and approaches on how to avoid designing issues when copying content.

He mentions that, “Self-Awareness is perhaps the hardest and most important thing for any writer to learn.” We are thought to plunge in and start designing, writing or drawing without uncertainty. Once we pause we allow doubt to consume our thoughts, we began to ask questions like, What if I’m not any good?” or “Why would anyone want to read this?”  At this point self-awareness has knocked on your door. Sam mentions,when you start trying to read their work with eyes other than their own; and if you can’t do that, then copywriting really isn’t where you want to be.” As writers we need to aware of the message we are sending out. It’s okay to switch places and be the audience and approach your writing in a different angle. He also talks about the importance of tone and self-importance. Take a second and advance your knowledge and avoid simple mistakes.

badThe common misconception about editing is that it’s about fixing the grammar and punctuation, removing repetition, and making text easier to scan. But there is much more to editing. A true editor takes into consideration the audience and the message. For instance, the image to the left was a Burger King ad that got innumerable complaints of how distasteful and inappropriate it was and later banned. When this ad was first launched feminists, women and parents were pissed, because the images promoted oral sex and sexist remarks through picture. Consequently, instead of BK promoting its new burger it left a nasty taste with some of its audience.

It may sound good, it may look good, it may be catchy and it may even work, but is it really speaking to the audience and saying what it needs to say?  Is it really advertising the product the way it was intend to be sold? Unfortunately, in magazines and billboards we constantly see the repetition of copy design issues. Don’t be part of the misconception, be the educated professional and design an amazing campaign.

Unique Mugs For Your Rare Personality

Source: Nice Cup Bro

Do you have a favorite mug that sits on your desk or follows you everywhere and keeps you company everyday? Mugs no longer hide coffee or tea, it has become an artistic expression. What’s the story behind the colors, lines, shapes and text on your mug when you settle your lips on its edges to take a sip or raise it to say hi? Now, for the many coffee lovers who haven’t found the mug that speaks to them check out “Nice Cup Bro.” Make a sip of coffee or tea rock with unique mugs from around the world. Visual News has put together a slideshow of a few of the best mugs form “Nice Cup Bro”. Take a scroll and pick through hundreds of mug design and find the one that says, Hello.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

Don’t have time to read a two hundred-page book on how to be proactive? No worries, the comic strip below gives the perfect strategy to completing a task by thinking and acting ahead of the anticipated deadline, homework assignment or simply as holiday shopping. Being proactive is a great tactic for avoiding more work down the road. We have the tendency to take the procrastination route and not plan for the future, instead of making life easier we make it difficult. Cartoonist Stephan McCranie gives advice to “Be Proactive Not Reactive,” which doesn’t include reading a book. “Brick by Brick” are comics by Stephan that nourishes the mind in a creative and interesting way on improving bad habits. Explore doodlelle.com and find comics like the one below. If “Be Proactive Not Reactive” is beneficial check out, “Planning For The Possible.

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