NPR’s Summer 2013 Reading List

The typical goal of many people over the summer is creating a summer reading list and slowly (in my case) making their way through it. While this is not the same for everyone, I’ve found an article posted by NPR of their summer 2013 reading recommendations. Categories include memoirs, books for teens, books to get kids exploring, and even books of poetry. My top five recommendations (granted, these are from what sound interesting based on the synopsis) are:

1)     Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

2)     The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

3)     The View from Penthouse B by Elinor Lipman

4)     Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked by James Lasdun

5)     The Book of My Lives by Aleksander Hemon

Now get reading!

The Ultimate List of Things to Do When Wasting Time on the Internet

Looking for more ways to kill some time but have used up every social media/forum/online game database you have? Search no more! For I have found you the mother load of Internet time wasters! (As if that wasn’t your fifth time checking your Facebook timeline to see if anything interesting has happened. Guess what? It hasn’t).

A few noteworthy ones:

  • Magical Trevor – a fun, catchy song that I promise you will never leave your head. If you have not received your fill of one song, check out Magical Trevor 2 and 3. Sure to provide minutes of non-stop entertainment.
  • Interactive Buddy – I don’t really understand the point, but it’s good for stress relief! It looks like a grey marshmallow man with a slight case of the twitches.
  • Sugar, Sugar – Goal: to get the sugar into the mug by drawing a line. Sounds simple. Sounds kind of pointless. Just you wait! This game is seriously the best. TRY not to get addicted. I dare you.
  • Pirates – Be warned: flashing lights and annoying jingle might cause repercussions.
  • Beardest – Rate the beardiest of the beards. Seriously.
  • The Game – Everyone’s playing it, just don’t think about it.  Otherwise you lose.

So, whatever it is, get back into that Procrastination Loop you hard worker, you! And explore the magical land of the World Wide Web!

Jon Hamm has one tiny hand.

Bored? Try is a great place to sneak in some summer fun while you’re at work. Maybe you’re avoiding grading, finishing up those chapter or article revisions, or writing posts about summer fun for your department’s website (what? Never!). Some of my favs on this site are M.A.S.H., that fortune telling game of yore, as well as Coaster Maker, Wizard 101, and Patchworkz.

As an added bonus, is an alternative to those Facebook games that require you to ask your dear FB friends for gifts or points. NOBODY finds that annoying. Really.

While you start playing, I’m going to take my Range Rover and my 7 children with Jason Priestly back to my shack before heading off to work at NASA.

Grow Your Own African Violets

Remember that project in grade school where you were given a seed and you placed it in a wet or damp napkin or paper towel and were expected to “water it” (or moisten the towel) and soon you had a plant growing in your paper towel? I can’t remember the point of the project, but it was like, “Whoa! We don’t need to get our hands dirty with dirt! Let’s grow things in a wet piece of paper!” That paper was a plant before, anyway, right?

Well, on a similar note, if you’re looking to do some planting/gardening/cultivating this summer, look no further than this step-by-step video on How to Grow African Violets from Leaf Cuttings.  It’s a fun, easy, summertime activity, and the sun will help them grow even faster and stronger. Try it out for yourself!

Source: Mental Floss