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PW Major Gains New Skills with League of Michigan Bicyclists Internship
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lmb3.jpgProfessional Writing major Elly St. John is spending her summer interning for the League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB). Based out of Lansing, LMB is a nonprofit organization advocating for bicycle safety and improved cycling conditions throughout the state of Michigan.

As an intern, Elly has a variety of responsibilities and tasks, including managing several of the organization’s social media pages, writing press releases, proofing articles, and writing about new legislation involving bicycle safety.

“The fact that there are always new assignments is what makes it stimulating; if an internship isn’t challenging then you aren’t learning and they aren’t preparing you,” she said. “Each day, I get a taste of what I could potentially do with a career in writing and yes, it’s nerve-racking, but it is so exciting. The organization is teaching me skills that I will use to succeed in any job I might have in the future.”

It didn’t take long for Elly to develop a newfound appreciation for LMB. She’s able to work with a great group of people and learn new skills every day, making her internship even more enjoyable.

“I knew very little about the conversation surrounding modern road bicycling before my internship, and now, it has become a hobby and passion within my life,” she said. “Caring about the content, I have learned, is so incredibly important; your readers/viewers know when you care, and the work you put out emulates that.”

MSU’s Professional Writing program has been especially helpful for Elly. She values the open-mindedness and support from the PW faculty. She also appreciates how “hands-on” the program is, allowing her to practice skills such as coding and different types of workplace writing.

Elly also has some advice for PW students who are thinking about applying for internships soon. “Be open to anything; internships can be harder to get than you may think and if they seem too good to be true, they simply are,” she said. “This internship wasn’t one that I had been at all looking to interview with, little did I know that I would agree to extend my summer internship into the school year to see how I can further their mission and what new skills I can develop.”

For more information on the League of Michigan Bicyclists, you can visit www.lmb.org.

Written for WRAC by Reyna Hurand